Condemn the communal violence in Haryana!

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 5 August, 2023

Those in command must be held responsible for the spread of communal hatred and the tragic loss of lives and property in this episode of communal violence in Haryana. It is not this or that section of the people but the state and those in power who are to blame.

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Workers, peasants and women raise the demand for peace in Manipur

Report of Mazdoor Ekta Committee’s correspondent

A dharna was organized in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on 25th July 2023 in support of the Manipuri people who are victims of gross violence today, and to raise the demand for peace in Manipur. It was an initiative of the Joint platform of Delhi’s Trade Unions. Kisans from the All-India Kisan Sangathan (AIKS), All-India Agricultural Workers’ Union (AIAWU) and women activists from Purogami Mahila Sangathan also participated in the demonstration.

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Debate on Uniform Civil Code:
Divisive campaign under the garb of progressive reform

The struggle to reform laws which discriminate against women is part of the struggle to end all forms of exploitation and oppression in society. It needs to be waged with the perspective of establishing a State that recognizes and respects the rights which belong to all human beings, a State which carries out a consistent struggle against all ideas and customs that discriminate against women.

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