Israeli government announces plans for rapid expansion of settlements in occupied West Bank

The Israeli government has announced its plans for rapidly expanding the construction of Israeli settlements, with thousands of new housing units, in the occupied West Bank region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ratified the decision in a cabinet meeting on June 18, to by-pass the existing processes and expedite the building of these settlements. Israel’s Supreme Planning Council is expected to meet shortly, to discuss plans for the approval of 4,560 housing units in various areas of the West Bank.

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Challenges facing the working class movement in India

Report by correspondent of Kamgar Ekta Committee

The Kamgar Ekta Committee conducted a meeting in Mumbai on Sunday, 11th June 2023, on the important topic of “Challenges facing the working class movement in India.” The hall was full of workers – men and women of all ages and from diverse occupations like railways, electricity, defence, IT, education and garments.

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On the Hegemony of the US Dollar

In the last week of March this year, the Chinese yuan was used to pay for 65,000 tons of LNG (liquified natural gas) purchased by China from the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia has also shown interest in exporting at least part of its oil to China in yuan. Saudi Arabia has also worked out an agreement with the Kenyan government to accept Kenyan shillings as payment for oil shipments to Kenyan oil companies. These deals are part of a trend towards using currencies other than the US dollar in international trade, which includes the purchase of Russian oil by India and China.

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