Growth in Bank Lending:
Dangerous Trends

High rate of growth in bank lending and improved profitability of banks are being cited as signs of good health of the Indian economy. However, the fact that credit growth is driven by loans for consumption, rather than loans for production, is not a healthy sign. It is a dangerous trend. Moreover, the improved profitability of banks has been achieved at a very high public cost, including massive government spending to finance waiver of loans owed by capitalist defaulters, and charging much higher interest on consumer credit than the interest paid on deposits.

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safai karamchari_Jantar_Manter

Protest against the plight and deaths of Safai Karamcharis

Report of the correspondent of Mazdoor Ekta Committee

On 28th August, hundreds of women sanitation workers staged a massive protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Under the flag of ‘Safai Karamachari Andolan’, these workers have been on the campaign since May 11, 2022, i.e., for the last 480 days, to raise the pitch about the deaths of Safai Karmacharis in different areas of the country.

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Pharmacists on strike in Rajasthan

Report of Mazdoor Ekta Committee correspondent

From September 1, 2023, pharmacists working in government hospitals and dispensaries across different districts of Rajasthan are organising a series of strikes in support of their demands, under the leadership of Rajasthan Pharmacists Employees Union (Unified).

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