Tens of thousands of people in Britain protest against new bill that attacks refugees

On 18 March, 2023 tens of thousands of people in London, Glasgow and Cardiff participated in militant rallies to protest against a draconian bill introduced in the British Parliament, which deprives refugees seeking asylum in Britain of all rights. In London, protestors gathered in front of BBC headquarters in Portland Place and marched to Parliament square where a rally was held.

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International Women’s Day celebrated in Pune

A program to celebrate International Women’s Day was organised by the Maharashtra State Electricity Workers’ Federation (MSEWF) in Pune on 8th March.  Com Bharti Bhoyar, President of the Women’s Front of MSEWF, chaired the meeting. Com Bhoyar emphasised the need for women to fight shoulder to shoulder with their male co-workers, in order to win and defend their rights, as workers and as women.

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