18th Lok Sabha Election Results:
Attempt to shore up the sagging credibility of the political system

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 8th June, 2024
The task facing workers, peasants, women and youth is to strengthen our fighting unity and escalate our struggle against the bourgeois offensive, in defence of our livelihood and rights. We must wage this struggle with the strategic aim of establishing our own rule – that is, the rule of workers and peasants in place of the rule of the bourgeoisie.

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Israel’s utter contempt of the ICJ and world opinion

On May 24, the United Nation’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an order for Israel to immediately stop its invasion of Rafah. This followed the launching of the latest military offensive by Israel on Rafah starting May 7.

Israel has continued its relentless attacks on Rafah in blatant defiance of the ICJ order. Relief camps sheltering the Palestinians forced to flee from the other parts of Gaza are being systematically attacked.

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Forty-six Federations, Workers’ Unions and People’s Organisations from all over the country unite to fight against anti-people, anti-worker smart electricity meters

Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee Correspondent

In order to make people aware of this impending attack, 46 workers’, farmers’ and people’s organizations have come together and brought out a booklet, Unitedly Oppose Anti-Worker Anti-People Prepaid Smart Electricity Meters, in Hindi and English. The booklet will soon come out in Marathi as well.

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