Communiqué of the III plenum of the Central Committee of CGPI - July 25, 2011

The III Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India was convened in the third week of July 2011.

The Plenum noted that the conditions prevailing in the US and Europe indicate further deepening of the economic crisis in these countries in the coming period. These conditions suggest that the imperialists will resort to further militarization of their economies and wars of aggression, further fascization and attacking the rights of the working masses. The Plenum noted the rising opposition of the working people in these countries to these attacks. The demand that their governments must stop paying the big banks and corporations which are responsible for the crisis, and invest in the well-being of the working masses is gaining support in every country that is facing the crisis.

The Plenum analysed, based on all the events on the world scale, that US Imperialism is preparing for more wars with the aim of getting out of the crisis. The Plenum condemned the savage bombing of Libya by a coalition of 27 imperialist powers headed by the US on "humanitarian grounds" and on the pretext of "danger to global security." It noted that violation of Libya's sovereignty is totally unacceptable. Self determination is a question of principle that must be defended.

In actual fact, it is the US which is threatening world peace. Its blatant violations of Pakistan's sovereignty through its drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan pose grave dangers to peace and security in South Asia. The Plenum concluded that our Party must make our people aware of this threat and mobilize public opinion in our country against imperialist war, and in defence of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

The Plenum pointed out that US imperialism simply does not want Indo-Pak peace and unity, because it is in its interest to maintain tension between these two neighbours. Noting that the bomb blasts that hit Mumbai on 13th July happened just when talks between India and Pakistan were progressing, the Plenum said that our Party was clear as to who is behind these blasts.

Analysing the situation in India, the Plenum noted the exacerbation of the credibility crisis of the ruling UPA government as one scam after another is being exposed. A majority of the people are disgusted and are expressing their anger at the loot of the country's resources by the richest capitalists with the full backing of the government. They are increasingly refusing to put up with this injustice and demanding a greater say in policies that affect them, reflecting a deep aspiration for political empowerment.

The Plenum called on comrades to carry out our theoretical work to put forward the most advanced stand on the struggles for rights that is being waged on many fronts - against corruption and black wealth, against corporate land grab, on the right to food and to livelihood. We must expose the bourgeoisie's attempts to dilute the demands and provide excuses as to why these demands cannot be fulfilled by the government. We must participate in these mass movements and push forward revolutionary reforms in the political process towards vesting sovereignty in the people.

The Plenum noted that the economic attacks on the working people are increasing with the spiraling inflation and attempts of the bourgeoisie to increase the exploitation of workers across all sectors. Several sections of the organised working class in large-scale industry and services have held protest actions in recent weeks in opposition to these attacks. The Plenum called upon the comrades in all regions to step up the work of popularising and intervening in the struggles of these sections of the working class. In this context, the Plenum called upon the comrades to reject the thinking that the poorest and lowest paid, constitute the most revolutionary force.

The Plenum discussed the importance of the Party media in the work of arming the advanced section of the class with the revolutionary perspective and theory, so as to escalate the struggle against the capitalist offensive. We must constantly work to raise the consciousness of this section so that it breaks free once and for all from its subordination to parliamentary games. It pointed to the necessity to further our work of investigation of the issues in large scale production and services to gain a deeper understanding of the struggle of the workers in such sectors. The Plenum noted the potential of the Party media, both the printed and the web editions, in forging political unity among unionized workers by highlighting their struggles and piercing the anti-worker propaganda of the bourgeois media. The work that we have been carrying out in this direction must be carried further forward.

The Plenum called upon every Regional Committee to persist in the work of building cells of communism in the midst of workers in vital sectors of the economy. It reiterated the important organisational principle which our Party's experience has confirmed, that the basic organisation is the place where the communist is recruited and moulded as a communist. Any hesitation in bringing long time supporters to the party must be smashed. We must further expand our membership by recruiting new members and organising them in units, we must go to new places, and new areas to make new committees.

Building and strengthening all the Party organisations must go hand in hand with all our work. It is absolutely necessary, in this phase of expansion of our work, to strengthen all Party organisations, put them on a more professional footing, smash all liberalism, implement criticism and self-criticism to overcome serious shortcomings and to be strict in ensuring implementation of collective decisions.

The Plenum called on Party comrades to take the Congress document widely among revolutionary circles across all regions of our country.


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