Greetings from Comrade Lal Singh for the New Year 2009

My dear comrades and all readers of People's Voice,

As the year 2008 comes to an end, an atmosphere of insecurity and anxiety, of terror, tension and mutual suspicion is being created in India and on the world scale. War clouds are hovering over South Asia. This is the handiwork of the imperialist bourgeois classes in power, who are responding to the deepening crisis of capitalism by resorting to fascism and war.  It is not merely the handiwork of some so-called non-state actors, as the bourgeois propaganda is making out.

It is clear that 2009 will be a year of major struggles in society. The working class has to play a key role.  Communists and all progressive forces have an important responsibility on their shoulders. We have to make sure that the working class leads the majority of people to resist the onslaught of the bourgeois class in power, and prepare to take power in our own hands.

The capitalist system, which is at its highest stage of imperialism, has entered a period of very deep and all-sided crisis on the world scale.  When their profit making system is in trouble, the capitalist class becomes more ferocious in its exploitation of workers, robbery of peasants and plunder of nations around the world.  It becomes more cunning and evil in its plots to divide and divert the working class and people.

The capitalists are seeing fascism and war as the preferred route to emerge from the crisis with their profits intact and their positions even stronger than before. They are waving the banner of “war against terrorism” to deprive people of basic rights, and convert all forms of dissent into crime.

The US imperialists are keen to build international support for spreading war further in Asia, as the means to establish their own domination of this continent and leadership of the whole world. The Indian imperialist bourgeoisie is eagerly embracing the US strategy in this region, thinking that this will help strengthen India and weaken Pakistan.

It is in the hands of the Indian working class to save the situation and prevent India becoming a factor for fascism and war in this region.  Communists have to provide clear, unified and steadfast leadership to the working class so that it can play its rightful role.

The bourgeoisie is hatching evil plots to divert people’s attention and set them against one another on the basis of religion, caste, language or nationality.  It is high time that communists make and implement their own plan to unite the toiling majority against the bourgeoisie, on a class basis.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India has a balance sheet of successes and advances achieved in 2008.  We carried out successfully a conscious plan to train a youthful army of communist leaders among the workers by organising communist schools on the Indian communist movement in different regions.  We organised mass campaigns to expose the existing system of democracy and its political process, the agenda of globalisaton through liberalisation and privatisation, the fascist and divisive politics of the ruling class.  We boldly put forth to the working masses that socialism is the alternative to the crisis ridden capitalist system.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India enters the year 2009 steadfast in its determination to restore the unity of Indian communists on a revolutionary basis, and to contribute to the unity of the working class and majority of toiling people to defeat the offensive of the bourgeoisie.

In order to defeat the growing fascism and war preparations, it is essential for communists to go widely among the toiling masses, expose the truth and mobilise them into political action.  We must all strive to set a shining example in this regard.

In conclusion, let me wish each one of you a productive and active New Year! Let us work to make this a year of re-awakening of the Indian working class! The future belongs to those who toil, and not to the bloodsuckers.

With revolutionary greetings,
 Lal Singh, General Secretary
Communist Ghadar Party of India


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