• Coal Privatisation and the Opposition of Mine Workers

    Over five lakh workers of Coal India Ltd (CIL) and Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL) will go on a one day strike on August 18. The unions have served the notice for the strike on August 1. From that day, the workers have launched a program of agitations in the form of work to rule, ...

  • Against the False Propaganda about Coal Privatisation

    At a time when workers are organising strikes and other protest actions against the auction of 41 coal mines to private companies for commercial mining, government spokesmen are promoting various so-called justifications. Prime Minister Modi has claimed that his government is “unlocking India’s coal sector from decades of lockdown”.

  • Real aim behind coal privatisation

    When profitability of coal mining was low, state monopoly was established
    Now when profitability is high, privatisation is being pursued

    Coal mining is today an extremely profitable industry in India. It has been estimated that there will be an ever increasing demand for coal by different branches of industry. Metallurgical coal (Coking coal) ...

  • Historic Role of Coal Miners

    Coal mine workers in our country are waging a determined struggle against privatisation and have called for a country-wide strike on 18th August.  In this context, it is worth recalling the historic role that coal miners of all countries have played in the development of modern industry and the international working class movement.

    The growth of ...

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