What Communist party must do in this election?

Today comrades covered Devi codu, Northang Kalai, Mangkodu, Karodu, PaluKuzhi, KunjaluVillai, Mela Theru, Kulichal, Marapadi and Arumanai areas. Many brief meetings were held explaining the need to defeat the 3 fronts of the capitalist and urgent need to vote for Wilson as a step towards working for Workers and Peasant’s rule.

Our speeches clarified what communists should do, if we were to serve the cause of Workers and Peasants. In 2006 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections CPM was part of the DMK front. At that time, CPM said the ADMK was a corrupt, anti-worker and anti-people party and called on people of Tamil Nadu to vote for the DMK front. What kinds of changes have taken place that CPM is today saying the exact opposite of what they said just 5 years back? Has the capitalist party, ADMK has become a honest party today, fit to serve the people, they asked. Changing one capitalist party by another capitalist party or front will not make any material difference to the cause of the workers and peasants. CPM is calling on people to vote for the ADMK front as the DMK has sunk deep in corruption and family politics. We know corruption has been there since independence and is a co-traveler of the capitalist system. Corruption is the means capitalists win their favours and special privileges to loot the public properties and taxes. Capitalists share a part of such loot with the politicians and authorities. Corruption cannot be eliminated without eliminating the capitalist system itself from India. CPM is creating illusions on this question of corruption, as if it can be eliminated by removing or changing few individuals or political parties in power. This is not helping to raise the consciousness of the workers and peasants and mobilizing them against the capitalist system.

Comrades also asked what kind of Communists CPM are, to attack and fire on the peasants, forcibly acquire their land and handover it to Tata for building his empire further! CPM’s political program says that they want to eliminate monopoly capitalists. But what they are doing is that, against monopoly capitalists or in support of their growth, comrades questioned.

Under one pretext or the other, CPM has been again and again taking workers and peasants behind one capitalist front or the other, even though our experience shows that all these parties have betrayed the interests of people.

Also, tracing the communist history in India, one comrade pointed out that when CPI was split and CPM was formed in 1964, CPM claimed to split it with the aim of bringing workers and peasants to power and that the CPI was not taking steps towards that. He questioned, now that it has been around 40 years after the split, what have they done towards bringing workers and peasants to power, except being a tail of one capitalist party or other?

What does Marxism say? Does it say that we must run behind one capitalist front or the other? Marx says, we must work to bring workers and peasants to political power. It is only a communist party, which works to bring workers to political power. Marx further states, Communists must use every opportunity (including this elections) to expose the nature of the capitalist system and convince workers of the necessity to establish their own rule.

Our speakers have asked all communists to think over these points and come and support building of workers and peasants rule. They also pointed out that Com.Wilson has been fighting for the empowerment and establishment of the rule of workers and peasants. Hence it is necessary for all of us to vote for Wilson, they concluded.


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