Who benefits from terror?


I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks to our General Secretary, Com. Lal Singh for his very important article entitled "The situation calls for sober analysis and farsightedness'' dated 16th July 2011 on the serial blasts of 13th July 2011 that took place in Mumbai. The most important point of the article is that these acts are not random but that there is a mastermind behind them which seeks to orchestrate political mileage out of the events.

Violence in Indian political life is not a new phenomenon. It has been a fellow traveller through the colonial period, the brutal partition and through the period from 1947 to the present. It has always been the case that much of the violence is indeed bourgeois terror.

The question of who benefits from terror is the central one, and answering this will shed light on who the perpetrators of the terror are.

Com. Lal Singh has clearly debunked the principal hypotheses that those responsible for the terror are so called Islamic groups, or that Pakistan could be behind these events at this time. The article clearly states that the first of these has always been a pretext to harass and terrorize Muslim youth and other politcal activites through arbitrary arrests, incarceration and even encounter deaths.

The second is untenable at a time when Pakistan is struggling to maintain its integrity and is in a life and death struggle for its very survival.

The two plausible hypotheses that have been put forward by Com. Lal Singh include one where Indian ruling circles themselves are behind the events, and the other that the US is behind these as it wants to prevent resumption of the peace process with Pakistan and progress on the front against the background of India and Pakistan preparing to enter the Shanghai club.

Of these whether or not in the present case the former hypothesis is the right one, it has been the case in several prior examples, where beleaguered Indian state institutions regain lost prestige the moment there is a terror attack here or there. These have always yielded a platform for jingoism and a platform for arguging for strengthening security and providing ever greater powers to the state. These have provided a platform for pushing through unpopular reforms and taking away hard earned rights from working people.

Communists should be on the forefront of watching every move of the bourgeoisie. Behind every action of theirs is a diabolical plan to strengthen their chokehold on society as the principal class in power. The present article with its clarity and single mindedness of purpose achieves this goal.


A. Narayan,



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