Lessons from Karnataka Assembly elections


I am writing to thank you for carrying the Statement of the CC of the CGPI dated 21st May, 2013 on the `Lessons from the Karnataka Assembly election and its result’ published in the June 1-15, 2013 issue of MEL. There are several salient points in this article which may be highlighted as under

  • the Congress party secured a majority in the Assembly and does not require support to form a Government,
  • that the vote share of the Congress is 26.1%, in contrast to the 28.7% that did not vote at all,
  • unrecognized parties and non-party candidates secured 13.5%,
  • that it is the big capitalists who are celebrating the success,
  • properties families that supported the Congress have welcomed the results,
  • the election brings no relief to the workers, peasant and other hardworking peoples.

The article also points out that the conditions of the people will worsen and attacks on workers rights will continue and agriculture will continue to be in the doldrums. Indeed, in this election there has been unparallelled infusion of cash into the campaign. There are sections in the communist movement that have been and continue to collaborate with the Congress party rather than trying to unite with working people and to build a united communist movement. The elections also prove that there is growing disillusionment among the masses with the system, which objectively has no choice but to grow. This gives rise to great opportunities and committed communists must prepare to lead the struggle.

I thank the CGPI for issuing the call to `all its members and activists to escalate the work of building political unity around the aim of people’s empowerment, and to escalate the struggle to restore the unity of communists by defeating all forms of class conciliation and sectarianism.’


S. Nair, Kochi


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