Hail the heroic role of the socialist Soviet Union in the Second World War!

Combat the lies and fascist warmongering offensive of imperialism headed by the US!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 5th May, 2015

The 9th of May this year marks the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War, at the hands of the anti-fascist peoples and governments headed by the Soviet Union. The Nazi regime was an openly terroristic, anti-Jewish and anti-communist rule of monopoly capital, whose fall led to the liberation of many nations and peoples from colonial rule and foreign occupation troops. The defeat of Nazi fascism gave a great impetus to the struggles for national independence, democratic rights and for socialism on the world scale. It created conditions for the eventual end of the Second World War, with Japan surrendering in August 1945.

The defeat of the fascist powers led to the universal condemnation of unjust imperialist wars and to the UN Declaration on Human Rights. It led to all member countries agreeing to the principle of national self-determination and the independence and sovereignty of all states, big and small.

Life experience during the past seven decades shows that the world continues to be threatened by fascism, militarism and imperialist wars of conquest, with the US at the head. Nazi fascist Germany was defeated in 1945 but US imperialism has taken over since then. Unleashing of terror against people, brutal suppression of workers’ rights, incitement of hatred and violent attacks against particular religious, racial and national minorities – all these and other dirty tricks and inhuman methods of the Nazis headed by Hitler have been preserved and scaled up by US imperialism.

US imperialism has developed into the greatest enemy of rights since the Second World War; a more powerful, dangerous and devious aggressor than Nazi Germany was. Heading the reactionary imperialist alliance of NATO powers, it has waged one unjust war after another, trampling in the mud all agreed-upon principles. Its leaders openly declare that America is more equal than all other states and has the right to intervene wherever it chooses.

US imperialism has further perfected and institutionalized, on a global scale, the Goebbelsian technique of repeating lies on a daily basis until people start believing them to be true. It concocted and propagated the lie that Saddam Hussein possessed nuclear weapons, to justify armed invading and occupying Iraq and installing a puppet regime there.

One blatant lie that is being repeated on a daily basis at present is that Russia is to blame for the current civil war in Ukraine. This is being accompanied by the monstrous lie that 70 years ago, Soviet Russia was collaborating with Nazi Germany to invade other countries and divide up Europe between them.

Who was responsible for the Second World War?

The propagandists of imperialism claim that Stalin and Hitler were equally to blame for the spread of fascism and the devastation resulting from the Second World War. The present day leaders of Ukraine, who model themselves on the Hitlerite Nazis and are backed by the US and NATO powers, have even voiced the demand that Stalin and Hitler both be recognised as fascist aggressors.

A major war of global proportions is not caused by the actions of one or two individuals. It is a result of the action of major classes and states with conflicting interests.

Hitler was a representative of the global capitalist class, in general, and of the German monopoly capitalists, in particular. The richest capitalists of Germany were closely linked to, and financed by, the richest American capitalists of that time. They backed the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party to power, so as to crack down on communists and workers’ unions, unleash genocide against Jews, militarise the economy rapidly and launch wars abroad to expand the German imperialist empire.

Stalin was the head of the world’s first socialist state. Representing the interests of the Soviet and international working class, he worked for peace and liberation of all nations and peoples from imperialism. As early as in 1933 and repeatedly in the following years, the Soviet government proposed to Britain and France that a common front of resistance be created to foil the aggressive war plans of the Nazi fascists. However, the Anglo-French imperialists were not interested in such a common struggle. They were interested in isolating the USSR and directing the Nazi war machine against it. The US, Britain and France were all hoping to use Hitler as a tool to destroy the world’s first socialist state.

It is the capitalist class and their governments which were responsible for dragging the world through two world wars in the 20th century. The working class was responsible for bringing the First World War to an end by overthrowing the rule of the bourgeoisie in Russia and establishing the rule of workers and peasants, in the form of Soviet power. The working class and all the oppressed nations and peoples of the world, with the Soviet Union at their head, were responsible for converting the Second World War into an anti-fascist war and bringing about the defeat of Nazi Germany. These are all verifiable facts.

Capitalism had already entered a period of general crisis at the beginning of the 20th century, having developed to its highest stage of imperialism. The leading capitalist powers of the world had divided up all continents into their respective colonies and spheres of monopoly control; so that further expansion could only come through wars to seize territories from one another. The victory of the revolution in 1917 and the creation of the Soviet Union deprived imperialism of enormous potential markets and sources of raw materials. It led to an upsurge in the struggles and demands of the working class for better working and living conditions within the capitalist countries. The combined result of all these factors was a further intensification of the general crisis of capitalism.

Fascism emerged as a tool of the imperialist bourgeoisie to find a way out of the crisis, by attacking the rights of the working class and beating down its share of the social product, and by militarising the economy and waging wars of conquest.

Without the massive loans extended by American banks, Nazi Germany could not have built up a military-industrial complex as quickly as it did. And without the concessions made by Britain and France to Nazi Germany with respect to Poland and Czechoslovakia, Hitler would not have embarked on his aggressive campaign as rapidly as he did. The US, British, French, German, Italian and Japanese imperialists were all responsible for the Second World War, which resulted in unprecedented deaths, destruction and devastation on the global scale.

Britain, France and the US all watched silently when Nazi Germany and fascist Italy intervened militarily to crush the popular democratic movement in Spain and install the fascist Franco regime in that country. They did not raise their voices either when Italian troops invaded Ethiopia, a member of the League of Nations, in 1935-36. In 1938, Britain and France struck a deal with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. They signed the Munich Pact, establishing an anti-Soviet alliance and leaving Russia with virtually no allies. They handed over Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany, thereby opening wide the gates of the East to Hitler’s army. In addition, the governments of both Britain and France signed individual declarations of mutual non-aggression with Germany. They were creating political conditions for the complete isolation of the Soviet Union. Under such conditions, the Soviet Union went ahead and signed a non-aggression pact with Germany in 1939.

By signing the non-aggression pact with Germany, the Soviet Union gained time to strengthen its defences. Knowing that Hitler was bound to violate the pact, the Soviet Union succeeded in moving its frontiers far to the West and in barring the way of the unhampered eastward advance of German aggression. A powerful line of defence was created along the western frontiers of the Byelorussian and Ukrainian Republics. Pacts of mutual assistance were signed with the Baltic States, providing for the stationing of Soviet Army garrisons on the territory of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The foundation was thus laid for an “Eastern” front to resist the expected aggression by Nazi Germany.

Without telling the whole truth, the propagandists of imperialism single out one fact – namely, that Soviet Union signed a pact with Germany in 1939 – and blow it out of proportion and out of context, to create the impression that this was the main cause of the war. The pact simply stated that these two states will not aggress on each other, which Nazi Germany violated in less than two years’ time.

In April, 1940, the German army occupied Denmark and Norway. In the middle of May, Germany invaded Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Paris fell in the middle of June. On 22nd June, France surrendered to Germany. Hitler had by then trampled on all the declarations of non-aggression his government had issued jointly with France and Britain.

On 1st March, 1941, the German army occupied Bulgaria. On 22nd June, it began its aggressive campaign against the Soviet Union. Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Finland joined Germany in the war against the Soviet Union.

The immediate reaction of the American ruling circles is shown by a statement by Truman, who was then a member of the Senate and subsequently became the President of the United States. According to the New York Times of 24th June, 1941, Mr. Truman said, “If we see that Germany is winning the war we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and in that way let them kill as many as possible.” A similar statement was made in Britain by the then Minister of Aircraft Production, Moore-Brabazon. He said that the best outcome of the struggle on the Eastern front would be the mutual exhaustion of Germany and the USSR, as a result of which Britain would be enabled to attain a position of dominance.

The overwhelming majority of the British and American people, however, desired unity with the Soviet Union for a successful struggle against Nazi Germany. So did the majority of the nations and peoples of Europe. The Communist International guided all communist parties of the world in building united fronts of the working class and of all democratic and peace-loving forces against fascism. Underground resistance was organised in the countries under fascist army occupation, with communists playing an active and leading role.

Basing itself on the worldwide public opinion in its favour, the Soviet Union took the lead and succeeded in creating an Anglo-Soviet-American coalition against the fascist axis of Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who was responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany?

Hundreds of movies about the Second World War have been made in Hollywood, portraying US and British soldiers as heroes and Germans as the villains. Verifiable historical facts show that the peoples and Red Army of the Soviet Union sacrificed the maximum, suffered most number of deaths and destruction, and inflicted the most decisive blows in the struggle to defeat Nazi fascism.

The most decisive battle that turned the tide against Nazi Germany was the battle of Stalingrad (See Box). The Nazi and allied armies, which had managed to march eastwards into Russia all the way to the banks of the Volga river, were halted at Stalingrad. They were defeated in a historic battle that lasted over five months. The Red Army finally chased the surviving aggressor troops all the way back to Germany, marching across Ukraine and other nations and liberating all of them from foreign occupation and fascist rule.

The liberating role played by the Red Army in the Second World War is one of the facts being turned on its head at the present time. The US-backed fascist regime in Ukraine is openly demanding that history be re-written to identify both Russia and Germany as aggressors and enemies of Ukraine.

The current anti-Russian propaganda is a striking contrast compared to what the leaders of the US said at the time when the Nazi army was routed in Stalingrad. In a letter addressed to Joseph Stalin, dated 5th February, 1943, the then US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, wrote,“The one hundred and sixty-two days of epic battle for the city which has forever honoured your name and the decisive result which all Americans are celebrating today will remain one of the proudest chapters in this war of the peoples united against Nazism and its emulators”.

General Douglas MacArthur, US Supreme Allied Commander of Southwest Pacific, said, “The scale and grandeur of the Russian effort mark it as the greatest military achievement in all history”. Frank Knox, US Secretary of the Navy, said, “We and our allies owe and acknowledge an ever-lasting debt of gratitude to the armies and people of the Soviet Union”. Henry L. Stimson, U.S. Secretary of War, said, “History knows no greater display of courage than that shown by the people of the Soviet Union”.

While they were compelled to publicly acknowledge the heroic role played by the Soviet people and Red Army in 1945, US leaders were organising to continue with the fascist offensive of imperialism from where Hitler left off. They offered asylum to Nazi leaders who ran away from Germany. They crushed the struggle of the Greek patriots and established a fascist regime in Greece in 1944. They militarily occupied South Korea when the Japanese were thrown out at the end of the Second World War. They launched a witch-hunt against communists and trade union leaders at home and abroad. They organised a military coup in Indonesia to establish the fascist Suharto regime in Indonesia which slaughtered millions of communists and patriots. They overthrew the Mossadeq regime in Iran which had nationalised the oil resources, and established the fascist regime of the Shah of Iran in the fifties. All this was carried out in the name of saving America and the world from the “Red menace”.

US imperialism remained the leader of the fascist offensive of imperialism throughout the post-war period, committing untold crimes in Vietnam, in central and South American countries and elsewhere. It financed and armed fascist dictators in numerous former colonial countries, all in the name of fighting communism.

The situation became further complicated starting in the mid-fifties, when the Khrushchev leadership began to change the nature the Soviet state, from being a bastion of revolution and national liberation struggles into a saboteur of such struggles, turning them into tools for building a Soviet empire in rivalry with the US. From a state that defends peace and the rights of all nations and peoples on a principled basis, the Soviet Union became a state that acts in typical imperialist fashion, using socialist words to justify naked aggression. This became evident with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and of Afghanistan in 1978. The principles that were universally agreed to after the defeat of Nazi fascism were trampled in the mud by both the superpowers, each claiming to be saving the world from the other.

Combating the fascist offensive today

Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union and end of the bipolar division of the world, the United States has been spearheading an unprecedented fascist offensive against all the rights that the working class and peoples have won so far.

Claiming the “end of ideology”, the US-led western imperialist alliance asserts that there is no alternative to a “market oriented economy” in which each one fends for oneself; and no alternative to multi-party representative democracy. Countries that do not fall in line with these unilateral prescriptions have been branded as “rogue states” or “failed states”. They have been made the targets for economic blockade as well as imperialist intervention, outright aggression and military occupation.

Within the US, workers’ wages have been pushed down for several decades at a stretch. Workers’ rights and benefits have been trampled in the mud. Constant fear is created through the media about terrorist attacks and this is used to justify fascist police measures and further militarisation. Racist and fascist hysteria is created against “Islamic fundamentalists” or “Islamists” as they are now called. People are being made to suspect anyone who dresses or looks different, and report them to the police. Enormous numbers of people are languishing in American jails for the “crime” of having dark skin or being of Islamic faith.

According to the fascist lying propaganda of imperialism today, the biggest threat to world peace and to people’s rights come from “Islamists” and other “non-state actors”. This is the propaganda being used to justify brutal suppression of rights and aggressive wars of conquest. It is similar to the Nazi assertion that Jews and communists had to be eliminated to purify German society.

To convince people that Islamists are threatening world peace, terrorist acts are carried out periodically by armed groups sponsored by the CIA and other imperialist intelligence agencies. Historical facts show that it was American oil monopolies and the CIA which sponsored numerous “jehadi” groups to fight against the Soviet occupation troops in Afghanistan in the eighties.

Imperialism, headed by the US, poses the main danger to peace and to human rights at this time. It is the principal source of terrorism, fascism and war.

In the face of declining relative economic strength, US imperialism is relying more and more on militarization, fascisation and war to hold on to its dominant position in world affairs. It is waging wars to maintain the hegemony of the Dollar over international trade, to destroy potential threats to this hegemony, to weaken Russia and to isolate China. Wars have in fact become necessary to keep the US economy growing faster than those of Europe.

Ruling by the bullet and fooling the electorate through the ballot has become the preferred method of bourgeois rule in the US and Britain, as well as in India. Over the past three decades, Presidents from the Republican and Democratic parties in the US have periodically replaced one another in the White House. However, such changes have made no dent in the fascist warmongering course of US imperialism, which has continued unabated and been escalated from one regime to the next. This shows that the material basis of fascism lies in the growing domination of capitalist monopolies. Fascism stems from the very nature of the bourgeois class and the crisis-ridden capitalist-imperialist system.

In our country, the anti-colonial struggle had reached a high tide by the time the Second World War came to an end. But alas, it was sabotaged by British imperialism and its collaborators who headed the Congress Party and Muslim League. India was partitioned on a communal basis. Millions of people were slaughtered in one of the biggest genocides carried out in the world and millions more were forced to flee from their homes. The Communist Party was banned. A Constitution was adopted in the name of “we, the people”, without ever consulting the people or seeking their approval. Sovereignty over India was transferred from London to New Delhi, but it remained out of reach for the toiling majority of people.

One of the very first acts of the newly constituted Indian Republic was to send the central Army to crush communists and the militant peasants of Telengana. Several nations, nationalities and peoples in North and North-East India have been living under fascist conditions of army rule almost continuously since 1947, with New Delhi being as alien and as brutal a power as London was before.

The Emergency regime of 1975-77 exposed clearly that the “democracy” defended by the Constitution of India is only a cloak to cover up Cabinet Rule by Decree. The Emergency revealed the true fascist character of the Indian Republic, with Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet outlawing strikes and unleashing ruthless violence against any protests by workers, peasants or other oppressed strata.

Monopoly capitalist houses have established their domination over the Cabinet, the Parliament, bureaucracy, judiciary and other organs of power. Central and state governments act strictly in the interests of the monopolies, which expand their wealth by leaps and bounds every year while the toiling millions struggle even to keep alive. A minority of exploiters enjoy unlimited rights while the exploited majority has only duties. Only a minority of the working class even has its basic rights recognised in law, and even that is under attack today.

Starting in the decade of the eighties, state terrorism in the name of fighting individual terrorism became the preferred method of bourgeois rule, tested in Punjab and subsequently extended to more parts of the country. Regular “encounter killings” and periodic unleashing of state sponsored violence against religious and national minorities, including mass murders as in 1984, 1992-93 and in 2002, have served to spread terror among the people.

State terror alongside the incitement of communal hatred have become tools to keep the toiling people diverted and divided, and prevent them from uniting in opposition to the anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national program of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation. Any party that wants to occupy the seats of power in this system has to toe the line set by the monopoly capitalists of India Incorporated, no matter how much it may scream against liberalisation and privatisation when it is in the opposition.

Both the previous Manmohan Singh regime and the present Modi regime are strengthening military, economic and intelligence collaboration with the United States, hoping that this would assist Indian imperialist aims. Joint production of arms and armaments are on the cards, which is a recipe for embroiling India in unjust imperialist wars.

All round attacks on the rights of the working class, including the right to form unions and to go on strike, are being carried out today, while demagogically declaring “Shram eva jayate!” (Labour will triumph!)

As we combat the growing attacks on our rights, we, the working class and people, must recognise that the source of the fascist offensive against our rights lies in the nature of the bourgeois class and the capitalist system, which has reached its most monopolistic and parasitic stage. There can be no illusion that some other “less evil” course is possible under capitalism at the present stage. We can have no illusion that a mere change of party at the helm will change the course being followed.

We have to fight for a complete change in the nature of political power and the orientation of the economy. We must combat the fascist offensive of the bourgeoisie with the perspective of preparing to establish workers’ and peasants’ rule and carrying out the transition from capitalism to socialism. We must fight for the adoption of a new Constitution by the entire electorate through a referendum.

We must fight for the modern definition that a democratic Constitution must vest sovereignty in the people, not in Parliament or the President or the Cabinet. We must fight for the modern definition that rights belong to people by virtue of the very conditions of their existence; and hence it is the duty of the State to ensure that people’s rights are protected and never violated.

We must question and not accept at face value what the bourgeoisie propagates and repeats on a daily basis. We must persist in seeking truth from facts. Understanding requires the active participation of the individual, an act of finding out.

Communist Ghadar Party calls on all progressive and democratic forces to actively combat the fascist anti-social offensive of the Indian ruling class and of US imperialism and its allies internationally!

Let us actively combat the lies being spread by the Anglo-American imperialists about the alleged threat posed Russia in Ukraine and by “Islamists” all over the world!

Let us actively oppose the Indian government’s collaboration with the US in defence and intelligence fields!

Let us combat the lies that are daily spread by the Indian ruling class about Pakistan and “cross-border terrorism” being the main dangers to our country!

Let us defend the rights of all members of society and combat all acts of state terrorism, be it in the name of fighting terrorists, insurgents or Naxalites, or in the name of defending national unity and territorial integrity of India!

Let us reject and actively oppose any kind of false justifications that may be propagated for India to participate in imperialist wars!

Let us fight in unison for a new Constitution of a voluntary Indian Union that defends human, national and other democratic rights and works for an international order of peace and friendship among all nations and peoples.  

Battle of Stalingrad

Stalingrad (called Volgograd at present) was a city of 500,000 people and the third largest industrial city of the Soviet Union, which produced over a quarter of the country’s tractors, vehicles, tanks and guns. It was located on the banks of the Volga River, the main commercial waterway of the country. Moreover, it was the stepping stone to the Caucasus Mountains wherein lay vast oil resources, which the Nazis wanted to capture and to deny to the Soviet Union.

The Battle of Stalingrad began on 22nd July, 1942, with heavy bombing along with ground attack by the German forces, backed up by Romanian, Italian, Hungarian and Croatian troops. Bitter fighting raged for every inch of every street, factory, house, basement and staircase.

As the invaders were massing over one million soldiers and thousands of tanks, artillery pieces and planes to the west of Stalingrad, the leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, vowed that this was as far east as the criminals would go. “Not one step back!” became the battle cry of Stalingrad.

In the forefront of the organized resistance were the units of the Red Army and Workers' Militia. The Workers' Militia fortified every factory and workplace so that even after being bombed, any attempt of the invading force to occupy the facility would be repulsed. Students and community members, young and old, were organized and armed to fight to defend their city and the rights of all. Only the very young and infirm were evacuated east across the Volga.

The Urban Committee of Defense, headed by the Secretary of the Stalingrad Communist Party Regional Office, declared, “Dear comrades! Stalingrad citizens! Bloody Hitlerites have torn their way to sunny Stalingrad and to the great river Volga. Stalingrad citizens! Let us not allow the Germans to desecrate our native city. Let us rise as one to protect our beloved city, homes, and families. Please leave your homes and build impregnable barricades on every street. Let us make each quarter, each house, each street an unassailable fortress. Everyone to the barricades! All those who can carry a rifle must protect their native city and homes!”

Immediately following the arrival of the invaders and their initial attack, the Red Army and organised units of workers and residents, women and men, began powerful counterattacks to wear down the imperialist aggressors. After intense fighting lasting many months, the supposedly invincible German military was decimated. By 2nd February, 1943, the Red Army had gained superiority in the air and its ground forces had surrounded the remnants of the German Sixth Army, which surrendered in shame and infamy.


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