These elections will not solve the problems of the workers and peasants of Bihar

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 10th October, 2015

Elections for the 243 member Bihar State Assembly is being held at a time when communal passions and inter-caste rivalry have been incited not only in Bihar but all over the country. 

Facts and phenomena are revealing that elections conducted by the Indian State and its Election Commission is an exercise in deceiving and dividing the workers, peasants, women and youth who constitute the vast majority of the electorate.  While people are fed with all kinds of lies and polarised on the basis of religion and caste, the big capitalists who are controlling the Indian State decide whether this or that party is best suited to run the Government for the next five years.

There is incessant propaganda through the news media controlled by capitalist monopoly houses about the so-called big fight between the BJP-led four party NDA alliance and the “grand alliance” of Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United), Laloo Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal and Congress Party.  Through this propaganda, people of Bihar are being fed with the grand illusion that their fate depends on which of these two alliances takes charge of the government for the next five years. 

In actual fact, the condition of the workers and peasants of Bihar will grow from bad to worse no matter which of these alliances forms the next government.  This has been the experience of the working people of Bihar and of the rest of India for the past 65 years.  Parties replace one another but the exploitation and oppression of the toiling majority only goes from bad to worse.

The big capitalists who rule India have already set the agenda for Bihar.  That agenda is to accelerate capitalist development and turn agriculture in the state into a source of maximum profits for monopoly corporations engaged in trade and food processing.  This means intensified exploitation and plunder of the land and labour of workers and peasants of Bihar.  It means that toiling peasants who have been at the mercy of big landlords and capitalist farmers wielding their private armies will increasingly be also at the mercy of monopoly corporations and private security companies.

The people of Bihar have already experienced the first phase of this agenda during 2005-14 when the state was managed by the JD(U)-BJP alliance headed by Nitish Kumar.  Those were the years when capital-centred policy reforms were implemented with financial backing from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, British Department for International Development and the Central Government.  Agricultural trade was opened up for capitalist companies, Indian and foreign; and there was massive public investments to improve road connectivity, to reduce the cost of transporting goods in and out of Bihar.  Security was privatised so as to provide protection to capitalist investors.

Both the BJP-led alliance and the JD(U)-RJD-Congress alliance are political expressions of the class alliance between the big capitalists of the country and the landlords and capitalists of Bihar.  They are two competing political formations representing different factions of the same class interests.  Their fight is only over how the loot from Bihar is to be shared among different sections of the robbers.

Having set the agenda, the ruling class is using these elections to select one of these teams and then claim “people have decided Bihar’s future”. 

It is not the people who decide the future in the existing system of parliamentary democracy.  It is not even the party which runs the government which sets the agenda.  Behind these parties and the governments they head is the class in power.  It is the capitalist class, headed by monopoly houses, which is setting the agenda and deciding the fate, not only of Bihar but of India as a whole. 

The capitalist class is made up of a minority of the population, less than 5 percent, while workers and peasants together make up more than 90 percent.  The monopoly houses, less than 200 in number, head the capitalist class and impose its will on 120 crore people.

The reason that a minority exploiting class is able to impose its will and dictate on the whole country is because of the elaborate machinery of the Indian State.  The State consists of the armed forces, bureaucracy, judiciary, the political parties that form Cabinets and those that sit in the opposition benches of Parliament and state legislative bodies. 

Constant propaganda is carried out that the State and the Constitution it is based on are above all classes and in the service of the general public.  However, life experience has shown that the Indian State is an organ for maintaining the dictatorship of a minority of exploiters, headed by the capitalist monopoly houses.  The Constitution, which is the fundamental law of the land, provides the legal framework for this exploitative dictatorship.

This State is a legacy of British colonial rule.  It was built to enable British capitalists to exploit and plunder our land and labour to the maximum degree possible, by terrorising and constantly dividing the people on the basis of religion, caste and every other possible way.  In 1947, Indian big capitalists in alliance with big landlords inherited the State created by the British colonialists.  The big capitalists have preserved and further perfected the colonial State to consolidate their political domination, keep the people divided and steer society in their own narrow interests.  Every election organised by the Indian State contributes to the divide and rule strategy of the exploiters headed by the big capitalists.

The foundation of this State lies in the monopoly of armed might.  Starting in the late 18th century the colonialists built the British Indian Army as the foundation of their rule.  Following the Ghadar of 1857, they built the centralised bureaucracy headed by ICS officers, as well as the judiciary and adopted a Penal Code to legitimise colonial plunder.  In the 20th century, they established a political process of multi-party elections to provincial assemblies.   The order in which these institutions were built shows the real structure of the present day Indian State.  At the foundation or core of this State is its monopoly over armed force.  The bureaucracy, judiciary and other arms of the law form the next layer of institutions.  Multi-party representative democracy, with periodic elections, is an outer covering, a deceptive cloak to hide the reality that the entire State is the brutal dictatorship of a minority of exploiters over the broad masses of people.

Far from being an instrument of “national unity” and “communal harmony” as is claimed, this State is an organ to keep working people divided on the basis of religion.  The Constitution is based on the communal outlook of dividing Indians into majority and minority religious communities.  The State repeatedly unleashes terror against people based on their religious faith. 

Far from ending caste discrimination and oppression, this State is an instrument to perpetuate the caste identity and all forms of discrimination and oppression, so as to keep the toiling masses super-exploited and divided.

Workers and peasants of Bihar and of the rest of India will continue to be the victims of capitalist exploitation, imperialist plunder, communal violence, caste discrimination and oppression as long as the existing State remains intact. 

Workers and peasants need to organise and fight to replace this State with a new State that would be an organ of rule by the toiling majority of people led by the working class.  Such a modern proletarian democratic State must be based on a new Constitution that will guarantee human rights, including the right to conscience, to all persons without exception, and not tolerate any violation of such rights.  It must take over the principal means of production and place them under social control so as to reorient the economy to provide prosperity for all. It must establish a political process in which working people can select and elect their most trusted representatives, hold them to account and be able to recall them at any time.

Uniting around this conclusion and lofty aim would lift the struggle of the oppressed classes to an entirely new and higher level. Communist Ghadar Party calls on workers, peasants, women and youth to unite around the program of Navnirman of the Indian State.

Let us unite to save Indian society from the disastrous course on which the big capitalists are dragging it! Unite to put an immediate end to the anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national program of privatisation and liberalisation! 

Let us unite around the tasks of overthrowing capitalism as the condition for the completion of the democratic, anti-colonial, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggle and the building of socialism through revolution!

Inquilab Zindabad!


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