Terrorist massacres in France

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the horrific events that took place in Paris at the office of the Charlie Hebdo media house, and at the Jewish Kosher deli that took place early January 2015.  The CGPI extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims at this senseless tragedy. Nothing can justify such blood letting, no matter what the provocation is.

The terrorist attacks in France raise far more questions than they answer. The security forces of France have admitted that the alleged terrorists were under their surveillance. It is impossible to not observe that the scale of the organization of the massacre points to a high degree of sophistication, given the nature and the cost of the arms used in the massacre. 

The response of the international monopoly media controlled by Anglo American imperialism and their allies suggested that a united message was to be put across, which is that the
enemy of the world’s peoples is “Islamic extremism”.

The terrorist acts in Paris come at a time when already, all across the length and breadth of Europe, chauvinist hysteria has been systematically whipped up by the governments on behalf of the financial oligarchy. Fascist organisations have been promoted in France, Germany, Britain, and many other countries of the European Union. Rampant xenophobia has been whipped up directed against immigrants, particularly of the Muslim faith.

It is a fact that in France and other countries of Europe, a substantial proportion of the working class consists of immigrants from former colonies of Africa and Asia. A large number of these immigrants come from countries where the bulk of the population is of the Muslim faith. In the whole of Europe, the people of the Muslim faith, irrespective of their national origin, are being attacked as the source of all the problems that face Europe and `western democracy’.

The media orchestration following the terrorist attacks in Paris has led to a massive outpouring of grief and street protests and public display of emotion on an unparalleled scale. These reflect a genuine outpouring of outrage and grief. At the same time, the working class and people of France and the rest of Europe cannot forget that when lakhs of working people of Europe flooded streets just a few months back to protest the increasing attacks on the peoples by financial oligarchs, through their control of the Euro-zone, this same monopoly media was in the forefront of attacking the working people and defending the financial oligarchy. The working class of France and the rest of Europe will be well aware that the events of Paris earlier this month have immensely benefited the financial oligarchy who were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the rising tide of discontent in Europe.

The Paris events have also been used by the most reviled and reactionary political figures to bolster their own image and to whitewash their own crimes.  Not the least among these is the Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. This butcher of Gaza, who last year presided over the killings of thousands of Palestinian civilians was among those in front ranks of the imperialist organized street demonstrations in Paris.  Using the deaths of innocent French citizens of Jewish faith as a political card, Mr. Netanyahu has called for all French Jews to emigrate to Israel, so as to continue the hated and intrinsically unfair Zionist policy.

 Terrorism comes in handy to protect the ruling circles and to give them a new garb of legitimacy, even as their system finds itself mired in irreconcilable contradictions. The Paris terrorist attacks have created an environment for the state to arm itself with even more draconian powers, and to use the pretext of threat of terrorism to lock away any one who is against the hated policy of fascism at home and colonial conquest on the other. 

While there is much breast beating about freedom of expression, in reality it is the freedom of expression of those who are against the activities of ruling circles that is attempted to be curtailed.

Condemning the terrorist killings in Paris, the CGPI at the same time condemns the whipping up of chauvinist hysteria against the people of the Muslim faith, and the attack on immigrant communities in Europe.


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