India needs a new direction, a new political foundation!

Report of Public Meeting on “Whither India?” held in Mumbai on 8th September, 2012

The committees that we build in the mohallas, residential colonies and villages, and in the factories, industrial areas and special economic zones, are organs of unity and struggle today, which will become organs of political power in the future.  We are preparing for the day when the working class and its allies will usher in the real political alternative – not just an alternative party or coalition, but a new Constitution of a new state power and system of democracy, consistent with the principle that it is the people who are supreme and must be the decision-makers at all times.” 

These were among the concluding words of a thought-provoking speech delivered by Comrade Prakash Rao, Spokesperson of Communist Ghadar Party, at a discussion meeting on the topic Whither India?  The event was organised by Lok Awaz Publishers & Distributors and held in Mumbai on 8th September.

The speech of Comrade Prakash began with a clear analysis of the agenda of the big bourgeoisie at this time. 

The immediate concerns of the big bourgeoisie arise from the fact that the global capitalist system is sinking deeper into depression.  New investments have almost come to a halt in our country.  They want to push ahead with reforms that will open the door to foreign capital in various sectors like multi brand retail trade, aviation, insurance, etc.  They are pushing hard for a new law on land acquisition which will make the process of land acquisition easy. In the absence of many new investment projects, they are also keen that disinvestment and other forms of privatisation be accelerated. 

The Indian and global capitalist media created much noise about the “policy paralysis” of the UPA Government.  The American Time Magazine displayed Manmohan Singh on the cover and labelled him a non-performing reformist.  All this propaganda was part of creating a suitable atmosphere for implementing the unpopular measures demanded by the big capitalists.  So were the recent communal massacres in Assam followed by racist attacks and terror against Assamese, Manipuri, Naga and other North-East workers and students in the major cities of our country.  Setting people at each other’s throats is a time-tested method of the capitalist class to stabilise its rule and race ahead with its anti-social and imperialist program.

We, the toiling majority of people, can and must halt the dangerous course along which our country is being led.  Having boldly asserted this, Comrade Prakash went ahead to explain three important tasks that the Communist Ghadar Party has been grappling with. 

To build and strengthen the united working class opposition to the anti-social capitalist reform program, we need to establish and nurture workers’ unity committees, which are not partisan to any particular party but committed to advance the interests of the class as a whole.  They are needed for providing solidarity and support, to implement the slogan: An attack on one is an attack on all!

To develop the people’s alternative to the existing form of political power and the unrepresentative and exclusive process of decision-making, we need non-partisan elected committees in every locality where the people live.  We need to agitate for such Constituency Committees to be officially entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the voters in the constituency are able to exercise their right to elect and be elected, including the right to select and approve the list of candidates before every election, the right to initiate legislation and to recall the one they elected whenever they so wish.

The most crucial task, which is essential to ensure success in the above-mentioned tasks, is to build basic organisations of communist class struggle in the midst of the workers and other sections resisting the anti-social offensive.

The main presentation was followed by a very lively discussion.   One of the main points that were reaffirmed repeatedly is that the consciousness that people are deprived of power in the existing democracy has by now become widespread.  There are numerous organisations that are striving for the empowerment of the people.  The times are demanding that the vision of the alternative be clarified as also the immediate steps to be taken to reach that goal.

Summing up the discussions on behalf of Lok Awaz Publishers, the comrade chairing the meeting said that a clear and farsighted program of action has been put forward by the spokesperson of Communist Ghadar Party, which deserves to be discussed widely in the midst of the working class and among all those who are active in the movement for people’s empowerment.


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