Call to the youth: Organise yourselves, become the rulers, and transform society!

March 23 marks the 82nd anniversary of the martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his comrades, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Their death defying courage in facing the gallows of the British colonial raj,their undeterred faith in Inquilab, as the only way to end the exploitation of the vast majority by a handful of exploiters, continue to inspire generations of youth of our country to rise up against all forms of injustice. They are an inspiration to the workers, peasants, women, youth and revolutionary intelligentsia to fight single mindedly for building a new socialist society free from all forms of exploitation and oppression of persons by persons.

The vast majority of our youth, from the urban working class, from the rural areas and from the revolutionary intelligentsia are deeply disillusioned with the existing political and economic system. The cruelty of this capitalist system and its glaring inequities and injustices are making the youth come out in the streets in protests over a range of issues. Youth are protesting, alongside the working class and peasantry, against the corruption and venality of the ruling class and its state apparatus, against price rise, lack of education and social security, against displacement and dispossession when they are forcibly deprived of their land, homes and traditional means of livelihood, against state terrorism, against the growing incidence of violence on women and other attacks on their rights and freedom.

At the heart of these protests is the growing realization that this system completely marginalizes them from the power to make any decisions regarding their future and exploits their mental and manual labor in order to enrich the coffers of Indian and foreign monopoly capitalists. It is a system that holds nothing but a dark future for the coming generations. It is a system that is crying out to be overthrown and replaced with the new socialist system through the Navnirman of India.

Our rulers boast of India being the world’s youngest major economic power today, with over 600 million under the age of 35. The Indian bourgeoisie is an imperialist bourgeoisie which is seeking to fast become a global power. It views this large young population as a potential source for maximum exploitation, in order to enhance its profits and realise its imperialist aims. Towards this end, our rulers are promising all kinds of projects, allegedly to improve the education and skills of our youth. They are trying to paint a rosy picture of how our youth will have a better future if the Indian and foreign monopoly capitalists have an evenbigger hand in determining the direction of the economy. This deafening propaganda of our rulers is aimed at mobilizing the youth in support of the program of globalization through liberalization and privatization, whose real intent is to help the bourgeoisie grow even bigger, at a faster rate. It is aimed at hiding from the youth the real source of their problems, which is the capitalist and imperialist system that we have in place in our country.

For the vast majority of the youth of our country, the reality is very grim. In essence, the youth and their families have to fend for themselves. The education provided in the majority of schools and colleges ensures that the vast majority of youth find themselves unemployable, or forced to take up temporary, low paying jobs. The capitalist system is based on ensuring a large pool of surplus labourthatis part of the ranks of the unemployed. Competition amongst workers for the few jobs that are available ensures that wages are continuously lowered. Furthermore, the capitalist houses and their media over the past twenty years have made education an arena for maximum profits. The families of youth are inveigled into paying out huge sums of money for courses which will allegedly provide them with well paying jobs, such as software, computer aided graphic design, pilots and air hostesses, “management”, engineering courses, etc. Thereality hits the majority of our youth, when they seek jobs in the market and find none.

In addition to the lack of educational opportunities, unemployment and insecurity of livelihood, our youth face the brunt of the attacks of the bourgeoisie. Youth are the prime force that the bourgeois political parties use to settle scores with each other as well as to organize terrorist attacks, and sectarian violence. Having thus pushed the youth to criminalisation, they then turn around and blame the youth and attack them. Youth are the first victims of state terrorism; and large numbers of youth are incarcerated in the torture houses of the state, devastating their lives and those of their families. The disappearance of tens of thousands of youth, the daily torture and insecurity they face in different parts of the country, the targeting of youth of definite communities, all speak volumes about the “concern” that our rulers pretend to show for the youth.

The heightened militarization and warmongering of our rulers, aimed at strengthening their imperialist global clout, is also targeted against our youth, who are being mobilized to become cannon-fodder for the bourgeoisie in its imperialist drive.

The youth of our land hate exploitation, oppression and injustice. They are looking for that torch that will show them the way out of the present situation. That torch is the Communist Ghadar Party of India.

Our Party sees in the bright young faces of our youth, that force that will sweep away this hated capitalist system,the imperialist domination and plunder of our land, the entire weight of the colonial legacy and all the remnants of the backward social relations that oppress our people till this day. Organised by our Party, and armed with the theory and tactics of our Party for the revolution, the youth of our land will emerge as an invincible force alongside of the working class to chart a new destiny for our country and her people.Our Party considers the organising of youth for communism, around the party, as a task of first rate importance.

In this connection, our Party considers that the youth, as the harbinger of the new society, must be enabled to organize themselves for change, in a manner that releases their boundless revolutionary energies. It is with this perspective that our Party has assisted the youth of the Party in building the youth organisation. From the ranks of the youth organisation, tested and steeled cadres of the Party have emerged who have taken their rightful place in the front ranks of the party.

The Communist Ghadar Party is confident that as in the past, the present generation of leaders of the youth organisation will work to enthuse and organize the working class and peasant youth, the revolutionary intelligentsia, both women and men, to take up the banner of revolution and communism held aloft by our Party.

Let us organise the youth -- across all communities and regions and religious beliefs -- to march shoulder to shoulder with workers, peasants, women and all oppressed sections of society, to uproot this present system and bring in a new system where working people will have political power in their hands. With political power in our hands, we, the working people will be empowered to bring about all the changes we need -- real democracy, emancipation of women, equality of nations, end discrimination on basis of caste, religion, etc., end state terrorism and all forms of exploitation and oppression.

The CGPI calls on the youth to dedicate their indomitable energy and fighting spirit to the cause of the revolution, the navnirman of India.


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