Public meeting on the occasion of Lok Raj Samiti's re-constitution

The Lok Raj Samiti of Sanjay Colony, located in the Okhla industrial estate was re-established on July 25, 2010. Besides hundreds of members of Lok Raj, the residents of Sanjay Colony participated in the public meeting on the occasion. The members of Lok Raj Samitis of neighbouring chawls participated as representatives of their colonies in this meeting.

An exhibition of photographs was on display. This exhibition was evidence of the various struggles of the people led by the Lok Raj Samiti over the past two years. The men, women and youth of Sanjay Colony and the residents of various other colonies present at the meeting were thrilled to see themselves in these photos.They reminisced and reminded each other of the struggle they had participated in then, how the police had harassed them, and how they had taught the police a lesson on various occasions. They were proud of their participation and leadership in the struggle.

Many banners adorned the meeting area. They read, "Inquilab Zindabad", "Hum hai iske malik, hum hai Hindostan, mazdoor kisan, aurat aur javan" (We are the masters of Hindostan, the workers, peasant, women and youth), "Organise, take political power in your hands, transform society", "We will decide the path of development", "Food security is our fundamental right", "Livelihood and housing are our fundamental rights".

The meeting area was filled to capacity with the youth, elderly, women and children of the colony long before the meeting was due to start, in the evening. They were waiting expectantly for the report of work carried out by the samiti of their colony. The President of LRS, Delhi Secretary of LRS, Delhi Secretary of the CGPI, and representative of HNES were greeted with loud applause as they were welcomed with garlands of flowers. The stage was being managed by senior members of the Samiti who invited the Delhi Secretary of LRS to re-constitute the Samiti.

The Delhi Secretary clarified that the Lok Raj Samiti was an instrument for fulfilling the aim of establishing Lok Raj in the country. This local samiti was established two years ago, and it had men, women and youth of different political persuasions as its members. From the time of its establishment, the question arose as to whether people of various political views will unite to give a fitting reply to the State offensive against the people, or will they also become victims of the divisive politics played by the various political parties, and will sit on the sidelines to merely criticise? The issue is not the political leanings of the Lok Raj Samiti members but whether they will raise their voices in opposition to the attacks on people's right to livelihood, right to housing, fundamental needs of water, electricity,  sanitation, etc.

The Secretary of Lok Raj Sangathan presented the detailed report of work of the past two years. His report covered the various struggles for reliable water supply, including in the municipal school, toilets, conditions of teachers, procuring ration cards for residents to enable access to essential supplies, toilet facilities for women in the slum colonies, and confronting the Municipal Councillor, the MLA and MP for the fulfillment of these demands.

He also mentioned the struggles in the form of demonstrations, dharnas and mass rallies led by the Lok Raj Samiti, in the wake of the price rise and insecurity faced by people in obtaining rations, against the central and state governments' anti-people policies.

He gave an interesting account of the electoral campaigns - the propaganda, the fund collection and the nukkad natak - of the people's candidate selected and supported by the Lok Raj Samiti in the Corporation, Assembly and general elections. After the report was presented, the members present there were invited to come up to the stage and express their opinion on the report, and participate in the discussion. The report was passed unanimously by a show of hands and loud applause.

The Secretary, then, dissolved the existing samiti and called for election to the new samiti. The elected members were greeted on stage and felicitated with garlands, and they elected the President, Secretary and block secretaries.

The LRS All-India President commended the work of the samiti, congratulated the newly elected Samiti members and expressed his confidence that the Samiti would take up the struggle for solution to people's problems.

Comrade of the CGPI congratulated the Samiti for its work. The comrade pointed out that the problems faced by people 25 years ago are still confronting them, in an even more severe form. On the other hand, the Indian capitalists are claiming that we are marching towards progress. She questioned what kind of progress it could be when a majority of the people were deprived of their most basic needs of livelihood, electricity, water, sanitation, housing, transportation and adequate food. The handful of capitalists were taking care of their own progress because they control the means of production; state power is with them, and they rule and loot according to their will. It is our duty, that we the people unite to take control of the state and take over the means of production to ensure the security and prosperity of the Indian people.


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