Massive protest at the Israeli Embassy

On June 4, 2010 several peoples' organizations in Delhi organized a massive protest outside the Israeli embassy against the attack of the Israeli state on the aid ship which was trying to reach the 15 lakh people trapped by the three year long occupation of the Gaza strip. Workers, youth, women, intelligentsia, reporters, human rights activists as well as political and social activists participated in the protest in large numbers.

The protest started at India Gate and finally gathered in front of the Israeli embassy. There, the protestors demonstrated with slogans like – “down with the biggest terrorist in the world – America”, “down with Israel”, “long live revolution”, and “long live the struggle of the people of Palestine”. Some among those present at the protest held pictures of children and others hurt or dead because of Israel bombings.

Birju Nayak, the Delhi Secretary of Lok Raj Sangathan, condemned the attack by Israel, on the ship carrying aid to help the struggling and brave people of Palestine. He explained that it was American imperialism that was responsible for the creation of a dangerous power like Israel.

The workers and peasants of India will always support and stand by the struggle and aspirations of the people of Palestine. On the other hand, the rulers of our country are standing in support of America, the biggest warmongering and imperialist power in the world. America has always supported the crimes by Israel. The ambitions of the ruling class are very different from the aspirations of the masses of Indian people. Whereas the working and common people of this country want peace, brotherhood and friendship in the world, the ruling capitalist class dreams of one day becoming a imperialist power and of establishing its hegemony in the region.

Israel claimed that the ship carrying aid to Palestine had terrorists on board and used this as an excuse to attack the ship. This is the same tactic that the Indian ruling class uses from time to time. In the 80’s the Sikhs were branded as terrorists and their right to life and honour was completely squashed. From time to time Muslims have been the victims of State terror. This kind of State terror has been going on for long and it is the working and common masses who have suffered the most as a result.

To brand different communities as terrorists at various points in time is a natural tactic of imperialism. Indian imperialism uses the same method. The Indian ruling class has proven that it is as big an enemy of the peace loving people of the world as America and Israel. Both America and Israel are major suppliers of weapons to the Indian military. This is why we will have to wage a relentless struggle against the Indian ruling class and its imperialist ambitions even as we oppose American imperialism and Israel.

Organizations that participated in the protest included – the Communist Party of India, All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Jamiat Ulema-e-hind, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees, Muslim Political Council of India, Student Islamic Organisation of India, Majlis-e-fiqra-o-amal, Markazi Ulema-e-hind, Indian Islahi Movement and others.

The protest ended with a speech by the representative of Jamaat-e-Islami.

Towards the end, a representatives body was formed which wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and United Nations demanding legal action against Israel.


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