On the tenth anniversary of 9/11

Ten years of unjust wars and violation of sovereignty under concocted pretexts

The past ten years since the terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York and Washington have been years of continuous war and destruction of lives in the name of fighting terrorism.

In the name of waging “war against terrorism”, the US and its allies invaded and occupied Afghanistan, and also invaded and occupied Iraq. They have been bombing and continue to bomb the northern areas of Pakistan.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children have been killed as a consequence of the “war against terrorism”, while a far greater number have been maimed and rendered homeless. Priceless assets and infrastructure of many countries have been looted or destroyed.

In the aftermath of 9/11, the US imperialists have advanced the pernicious theory that the lives and liberties of peoples anywhere around the globe can be treated as collateral damage, as can the freedom and sovereignty of countries. Everything is subordinate to the defence of “American national interest” and the American State. This is a profoundly regressive theory that seeks to reverse all the collective advances humankind has made following the triumph of struggles for national and social liberation all over the world.

The “war against terrorism” has been accompanied by one of the most systematic campaigns of lies and disinformation the world has ever seen. Afghanistan was blamed for the events of 9/11 and the war against it was launched without the slightest evidence. The same process was applied to Iraq, which was accused of possessing “weapons of mass destruction”. After Iraq was invaded and occupied, not all the combined forces of the US and allied forces nor the UN’s Atomic Energy Agency could unearth a single such weapon.  

The lies and disinformation campaign is directed most ferociously against Muslim countries and peoples of the Muslim faith.  Taking their cue from the official agencies, the big bourgeois media in Europe and North America in particular have sought to demonise Islam.  They have created an intolerable pressure against all those who adhere to this faith, as allegedly being terrorists or supporters of terrorism.

The United Nations, the body that was set up at the end of World War II to ensure lasting peace and the sovereignty of all nations, has been turned into an instrument of imperialist aggression.  Using their clout in the UN’s Security Council, the US and its allies have manipulated procedures and blackmailed various member states.  At the same time, the US and its allies have not hesitated to go far beyond the parameters of UN resolutions to achieve their objectives.

The US and its allies have advanced the notion of “regime change” as a legitimate excuse for and objective of invading and occupying other countries.  If any government around the world is not compliant with the US dictate, it regularly faces harassment, propaganda offensives, and severe sanctions. All the time hanging over them is the threat of facing the same fate as Afghanistan and Iraq. In a move harking back to medieval times, certain countries falling in this category, such as Iran and North Korea, have even been branded as belonging to an “axis of evil”.  The interests and wishes of the peoples of those countries are not even considered.

At the present time, Libya and Syria are facing the brunt of the imperialist pressure of “regime change”.  In the case of Iraq, the US-led occupation forces did not limit themselves to toppling the government of Saddam Hussein.  Acting as police, judge and executioner, they subjected the former leader to a kangaroo court and hanged him like a common criminal.

In violation of its own laws, and UN conventions against torture, the US authorities have been exposed as having systematically used barbaric and brutal torture against those it has detained in the course of its invasions and “war against terrorism”. The names of the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq and the Guantanamo concentration camp on the US military base bordering Cuba have become synonymous with bestial forms of torture. More and more sophisticated methods of applying torture have been devised, including “outsourcing” the torture of its detainees to other countries and private agencies.

This global offensive pursued by the American state over the last ten years has had its corresponding effect on the American people as well.  In the name of “defence of the homeland”, many rights and freedoms of the American people have been violated or revoked. US citizens and residents are routinely harassed and jailed on account of their faith or country of origin. Those who protest against the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or other places also face persecution.

The most important lesson to be drawn from the experience of these ten years is that the “war against terrorism” led by US imperialism is an anti-social and anti-human offensive against all the principles established by the victory over fascism in the 20th century.  It is an attempt to establish new norms, with unlimited “right” of the American imperialists and their allies to invade any country they please, under any concocted pretext.

Ten years after that horrific event, it is now clear that the terrorist attack of 9/11 was the launching pad for a fascist military campaign to assert and impose the hegemony of US imperialism on the global scale.  It was either a remarkable piece of good fortune for US imperialism, or a clandestine diabolical plot masterminded by the US imperialists themselves. US imperialism has clearly been the principal political beneficiary.


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