Hands off Syria!

As their ferocious military campaign to overthrow the Libyan government is approaching a climax, the major Western imperialist powers – the US, UK, France and Germany – are preparing conditions to repeat the same in Syria.  Just like we saw in Libya, these powers are orchestrating the global media to broadcast every hour about the Syrian government’s suppression of “peaceful protests”, and to promote various exiled opponents of the Assad government in London, Washington and other places.  Their leaders are demanding that President Assad step down from power, and are threatening all kinds of sanctions and other offensive measures if he does not comply.  They are only waiting for the outcome of their Libyan campaign to mount a full-fledged military assault.

What lies behind the Western powers’ offensive against Syria? These powers claim that they have only “humanitarian” motives, and that their objective is to “save lives” and “uphold democracy”.  We have seen how they used the same excuse to drum up a UN resolution to justify their offensive against Libya, which has cost far more in terms of lives lost and damage than what was going on in that country before. We have seen how, with little thought for “democracy”, they organised the suppression of protests in Yemen and Bahrain – places which are vitally important for the US military presence in the region.

The truth is that, with cold-blooded cynicism, the US imperialists and their allies are using the widespread conditions of domestic unrest that have affected a large number of countries and states across the whole of northern Africa and parts of western Asia this year, to strike mortal blows against those states and governments that have challenged their interests in the region as well as those of their henchmen, the Israeli Zionists.  Libya, Syria and Iran have all, at different times and to different degrees, opposed the imperialist designs in the region.  They have actively supported the Palestinian and other peoples fighting against imperialism and zionism.

As many commentators and investigative reporters even in the West have observed, the plans for the military and political offensive against Libya, Syria and Iran have been prepared a long time back.  Apart from the challenge they pose to imperialist interests, these countries possess extremely rich oil and gas reserves, which the monopoly capitalists in the imperialist countries covet. They also are strategically located at vital points along the southern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, and in the neighbourhood of Israel and Iraq.  Effecting “regime change” in these countries is a declared objective of the US and other imperialists, which has nothing to do with whatever the wishes of the people in those countries are.

Many countries, including Russia, China, India, and others, opposed the Western imperialist offensive against Libya, and some of them are also expressing their opposition to any such campaign against Syria as well. Any attempt on the part of the foreign imperialist powers to intervene in the affairs of Syria and force a “regime change” through their bombs and missiles must be condemned and defeated! The peoples must be vigilant against those foreign imperialists who come in the guise of ‘friends’ – their friendship is the kiss of death. It is inevitably a prelude to more suffering and destruction, and to the loss of sovereignty and independence. The right to determine what kind of government they have and what kind of policies it follows must belong only to the people of those countries, and to no one else.


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