Massive US imperialist pressure and blackmail of Pakistan

The state and people of Pakistan are confronted today with all sided US imperialist pressure and blackmail, threatening their very existence as a country. This pressure and blackmail has intensified following Pakistan's refusal to cooperate with the US in its "war against terrorism" in Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan.

Ever since Pakistan was forced to join in the "war against terrorism" directed against Afghanistan in 2001, its sovereignty has been seriously compromised. Pakistan, faced with the twin threats from US and from India, agreed to join this war, and leased out its air bases to the US.

It may be recalled that in the past few years, US imperialism has arrogantly violated the sovereignty of Pakistan through drone attacks, killing hundreds of innocent Pakistani civilians. This has angered the people of North West Pakistan. The fact is that the people of the border provinces of Pakistan and Afghanistan are one people, linked with cultural, linguistic, historical as well as family ties. Simultaneously, in the name of "war against terror" Pakistani citizens from all classes of society have been persecuted and tortured by US, Britain and other European countries. Pakistan has been labeled as the fountainhead of terrorism because Pakistani people have been waging a powerful struggle against marauding US imperialism and its plans in Afghanistan and the region. They are opposing any cooperation with the US imperialists in its imperialist aims of domination of the region.

In the past year, the contradictions between the ruling circles of Pakistan and US have intensified. The cold blooded murder of Pakistani youth by a CIA agent in Islamabad was a trigger point. This was followed by the Abbotabad air strike in which allegedly Osama Bin Laden was killed. Following this raid, the Pakistani government disallowed US troops from using airbases in Pakistan. Most recently, the US forces launched missile attacks on Pakistani troops in the border, killing a large number of officers and men. This has outraged the Pakistani people. At the present time, the Pakistani state is refusing to collaborate with the US state in its plans in Afghanistan.

After cynically violating Pakistan's sovereignty, the US has been doing maximum propaganda alleging Pakistan's state has been protecting terrorists. One reason one is that the Pakistani state is no more backing the war against Afghanistan. A second reason is to weaken the Pakistani state and its close relationship with China, so as to further encircle China.

Over the past month, the US agencies have been carrying out further activities to destabilize Pakistan by painting the different arms of the Pakistani state as if they are at loggerheads with each other. All kinds of rumours have been floated alleging that the Pakistani armed forces are planning a coup, which everyone in Pakistan knows is not true. Corruption charges have been leveled against the Pakistani President. A so called memo allegedly written by the Pakistani government to the US Army Chief asking for "help" against a possible coup by the Pakistani army was deliberately leaked by the US. The aim behind all this is to destabilize the Pakistani state.

As long as the Pakistani state was collaborating with US in the "war against terrorism", the US never tired of calling it a "ally". The people and state of Pakistan are fully aware that the US is their enemy, out to destroy their very existence as a people and a country. This is why the struggle of all sections of the people of Pakistan against US imperialism is mounting. Development of events have created a situation wherein no one who is in power in Pakistan or wishes to come to power can afford to be seen as pro US. This is also why the US imperialists are intensifying their efforts to destabilize Pakistan.

Our Party stands firmly in defence of the struggle of the Pakistani people and state in their struggle to defend their sovereignty. This is a matter of principle.             


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