Closure of US embassies and paranoia about “terrorist chatter”

Aimed at justifying violation of human rights and sovereignty

The US closed 19 of its diplomatic missions in Arab countries and Africa from August 4 onwards citing “terrorist threats”. The US imperialists claimed that they had intercepted “terrorist chatter” on the internet, pointing to an imminent attack on its diplomatic missions in the region.

This ‘revelation’ was made against the background of the exposures made by a former US security contractor employee, Edward Snowden, who laid bare the enormous extent of illegal espionage and snooping carried out by the secret agencies of US imperialism. Also in the background was the trial for treason of a US soldier who had exposed the heinous war crimes committed by the US imperialists and its allies.

Snowden has exposed that the US has unfettered access to virtually most emails exchanged across the world, whether between private individuals, organisations, governments or others. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the US imperialists regularly spy even on governments which are their allies. These revelations were justifiably met with shock and protest all over the world. Many governments made their disapproval of these activities clear. However, the US imperialists and their lackeys claim that spying on individuals, organisations and governments is necessary to protect the “free world” from “terrorist threats”. They condemn any exposure of the hideous crimes that they carry out as treasonous and as acts that in fact jeopardise their drive to keep the world “terror-free”!

It is common knowledge that it is the US imperialists and their allies who are in fact the biggest threat to the freedom and security of all peoples. The US imperialists and their allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to “wipe out terrorism”. They claimed to have made the world a better place by effecting a forcible regime change in Iraq in 2003 and fighting a prolonged war there. They also claimed to have struck a body blow to terrorism with the highly publicised assassination of an individual in Pakistan a couple of years ago. After all these wars and acts of assassination and violation of the sovereignty of nations like Pakistan, the world has become a decidedly more dangerous place. The threat to the freedom and security of the peoples is higher than ever before, precisely because of the warmongering and war crimes committed by the US imperialists and their allies, some of which were exposed by the US soldier whose trial is presently underway.

Recently declassified documents for example proved that the notorious American espionage agency, the CIA, played an important role in deposing the elected government of Iran in 1953 and propping up the regime of their puppet, the fascist Shah, in its place. Similarly they were responsible for the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Allende in Chile in 1973 as well as numerous other coups and massacres besides. Espionage and snooping by the most foul means have been key weapons in their arsenal as they trample over the lives and liberties of people around the world. There has always been widespread disgust and protest against the use of these foul means, even within the US and the countries allied with it. The exposures of widespread interception of emails and snooping made by Snowden once again led to widespread condemnation of the government.

In the light of this background, it is clear that the US imperialists conjured up the “imminent threat of terrorist attack on US missions” recently only in order to justify their despicable activities of espionage and spying on all and sundry. The US imperialists claimed that they had discovered this threat only because they had unfettered access to exchanges between groups and individuals on the internet and were able to detect a high level of “terrorist chatter” which pointed to this danger. However their claim was debunked by security experts themselves who pointed out that this was pure fabrication by the US imperialists.

The closure of the US missions in various Arab and African countries in August 2013 in the name of “terror threat” is a desperate attempt by the US imperialists to justify their crimes against the peoples, their systematic violation of human rights and the sovereignty of nations, and their despicable acts of spying and espionage.


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