Demonstration against imperialist aggression on Libya!

On 24 March, the Communist Ghadar Party of India, the Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist), CPIML, and Peoples Front (Delhi) organised a joint demonstration at parliament to condemn the savage imperialist aggression on Libya by the forces of US, Britain, France and other NATO countries.


The main banner of the rally declared: "Down with the Anglo-US-French imperialist attack on Libya!". Other banners proclaimed "Down with Anglo US French imperialism! ", "Support the just struggle of people of Libya against imperialist aggression!", "Down with imperialist intervention in Libya"!  "Down with the UN Security Council Resolution against the Libyan people!", "Down with imperialist intervention under the guise of ’humanitarian aid’!” and "The people of Libya have the sovereign right to determine their own economic and political system!"

The rally was addressed by Comrade Prakash Rao, Spokesperson of CGPI, Comrade Pratap Samal of SUCI (C), Comrade PK Shahi of CPIML, Comrade Narender of Peoples Front (Delhi) and Comrade Arjun, leader of PDFI.

The speakers condemned the imperialist aggression on Libya carried out under the guise of "humanitarian assistance". Speakers condemned the UN Security Council Resolution on "No Fly Zone" under which cover the US-British-French and NATO imperialist onslaught on Libya was being carried out. The Anglo American imperialists and NATO forces have shown over the past two decades and more how little they care for the people and what their real aims have been — whether the case of Bosnia and Serbia, or of Iraq or of Afghanistan. Lakhs of people have been massacred and entire countries ravaged and destroyed by the imperialist occupation forces. The aim of US imperialism and other European imperialists in these wars have been to advance their own imperialist agenda of domination and subjugation of peoples.

Comrade Prakash Rao pointed out that imperialism is making a big show that the President of Libya is a "dictator". He pointed out how the US was attacking the rights of workers, and how this great standard bearer of "democracy" was torturing and criminalising all those who dissented. The French President who has declared his love for "democracy", pushed through the anti working class pension reforms, even when opinion polls showed that 75% of the population were opposed to this.  Sarkozy also passed fascist laws against Muslim women wearing veils and against gypsies. The British coalition government went back on its election promises and launched savage attacks on workers and on students, using force to suppress militant fighters.
Comrade Prakash Rao pointed out that when the imperialist bourgeoisie talk about democracy, they mean that they must have the "right" to exploit, loot and plunder, while the working masses and oppressed nations and peoples must have no rights. On the other hand, we communists fight to establish a democracy wherein workers and peasants will be masters of their own destiny — proletarian democracy. It will be dictatorial over the imperialists and their agents, as well as the exploiting classes. We must never forget that the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, which was a society wherein the workers, peasants, women, and all nations and nationalities and peoples, were liberated, wherein proletarian democracy flourished, was always called as a dictatorship by the imperialists. The imperialists care nothing about people having rights or political power in Libya. What they are concerned about is how to exploit the present crisis in that country to ensure their domination, at the cost of the rights of the people. The peoples have seen what kind of "democracy" the imperialists have imposed on Iraq and Afghanistan through armed occupation.  

Comrade Prakash Rao pointed out that a grave situation is being created in North Africa, West Asia as well as South Asia through the activities of the imperialists headed by US imperialism. We support the just struggle of the Libyan people against the imperialist aggressors. It is the Libyan people who must and will decide what kind of regime and what kind of economic orientation is suitable for their country — not the imperialists.

The demonstration ended with vigorous slogans condemning the imperialist aggression on Libya, and supporting the struggle of the people against imperialist aggression.


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