The Way Forward Conference - Dec 23-24, 2011, New Delhi

Working Class Conference on - THE WAY FORWARD - One Aim, One Program for Political Power

23-24 December 2011, New Delhi

Working Class Conference - Dec 2011

Dear Comrade

We are pleased to invite you and your comrades to participate in a conference of activists and organisers of the working class, to discuss frankly and chart the way forward for our class at the present critical juncture.

The world economy and its leading players are enmeshed in a very deep crisis. In all the continents, capitalist governments are launching savage attacks on the rights and livelihood of the working class, to protect the profits of the billionaires.  Soaring food prices are lowering the real value of wage incomes.  Savage job cuts are raising the level of insecurity. These developments have led to an upsurge in mass street protests in the United States, Britain, France, Greece, Spain and numerous advanced countries of the world.

The imperialist powers headed by the US are launching aggressive wars of conquest in Asia and Africa, to strengthen their global position and weaken their rivals. They are violating all the principles of international relations established at the end of the Second World War, when the colonial system was put to an end and Nazi fascism was defeated.  With American and other foreign troops occupying Afghanistan and the daily bombing and killing of people within Pakistan, the threat of imperialist war is knocking on our doors today.

The capitalist class in our country, headed by the Tatas, Ambanis and other monopoly houses, is using its control over political power to attack our livelihood and rights. Even our basic right to form a union of our choice is being attacked with brute force. The big capitalists use their control over state power to impose the anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national privatisation and liberalisation program.

For the past 20 years the mantra has been repeated that there is no alternative to market oriented reform and multi-party representative democracy.  What is good for the monopoly capitalists is good for all Indians.  If you do not like what is happening, then you can vote for another party or front in the next elections. Life experience has exposed the reality that this is capitalist democracy, where the main rival parties are committed to implement one and the same program.  Workers have learnt that this so-called reform program is aimed only at enriching the big capitalists and enhancing their global position.

The time has come to reject the capitalist mantras and smash the lie that there is no alternative.  We know that there exists an alternative to capitalism, which is socialism.  The alternative to bourgeois democracy is proletarian democracy.  The alternative to privatisation and liberalisation is the program to reorient the economy towards fulfilling the rising material and cultural needs of the working people and their families.

The key to the victory of the revolutionary alternative lies in the working class taking political power, in alliance with the peasantry. This makes it urgent for all the leading activists and organisers of workers to come together.  We must chart out one plan and program for the working class to become the ruling class.  Inquilab cannot just be a slogan or distant dream.  It is an urgent task we must take up for solution.

On behalf of Lok Awaz Publishers and Distributors which is hosting this conference, I request you to confirm your participation. We expect all organisations/ individuals to send delegations which actively participate in all the sessions, from beginning to end, to listen to each other, and participate consciously in deriving the future course of action.

Please indicate who and how many of your comrades will be participating in this conference. If you/ your organisation want to make a presentation, then please ensure a written presentation is there. This will ensure that the proceedings of the Conference take place in a serious atmosphere, as befitting our class. 

Looking forward to your positive response

With revolutionary greetings,


Prakash Rao

Conference Agenda

Session, Date and Time


Session I
(23rd December)
10.00 am –  6.00 pm

The necessity for the working class to take political power

Session II
(24th December)
10.00 am – 3.00 pm

The measures we must take to prepare the working class for political power

Session III
(24th December)
3.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Our Future Course of Action and tasks

Kindly confirm your participation and accommodation needs:

Email to:,
Write to: Lok Awaz Publishers & Distributors, E-392, Sanjay Colony, Okhla Phase -II, New Delhi 110020,  
Call/SMS: 011-20281990, 09868721375

Suggested Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- (five hundred only per delegate)

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Invitation in Hindi (PDF)

Invitation in English (PDF)

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