109th Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

The thunder of revolution is reverberating

On the occasion of the 109th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, a colourful cultural programme was organised in Ramgarh village of Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan. The event was organised jointly by Lok Raj Sangathan, Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha, Lok Jan Samiti and Ramgarh Seva Samiti. Thousands of school students, youth, women and elders participated in the event.

The programme was inaugurated by offering floral tribute to the great revolutionary by the presidium selected of the programme, and the entire Ramgarh village reverberated with slogans “Inqilaab Zindabad!”, “Samrajyawaad-Poonjiwaad, Murdabad!”, and “Samaajwaad Zindabaad!”

The students and youth presented dances to revolutionary and patriotic songs and recited poems. Number of young boys and girls, women, came to the stage and delivered rousing speeches filling the entire atmosphere with revolutionary fervour. The audience were glued to their seats till the very end of the programme which began at 6 PM in the evening and continued late into the night till 11.30 PM.


The programme was coordinated by Comrades Ashok and Om Prakjash Sangar. They also recited poems and sang revolutionary songs keeping up the enthusiasm of the people.

Addressing the huge gathering, the Prime Minister of HNES said that “revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Kartar Singh Saraba live in the hearts of our youth”. Youth of Hindostan have a long and glorious history of fighting against injustice, state terrorism, exploitation, and caste oppression. The rulers of our country do not want that the workers, peasants, oppressed people and youth raise their voice against the increasing exploitation and oppression. Through massive propaganda they keep harping that our country is the world’s largest democracy, and we should be proud of it. But we all know the truth very well – this democracy and its elections are a big fraud! We have to liberate our country from the capitalist exploitation and oppression. Only the rule of workers, peasants and all the working people, can ensure peace security, and prosperity for our people. We must organise to become the rulers of this land and bring in social transformation.


Congratulating the organizers for organizing such a revolutionary programme the speaker from Communist Ghadar Party of India (CGPI) said that the deeds of our revolutionary martyrs were so glorious that even the enemy had to acknowledge it. Shaheed Bhagat Singh is an ideal for the youth of the India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. He further said that the ruling classes and their media is spreading poison of hatred between the people of India and Pakistan. The ruling capitalist class in our country carries out the barbaric oppression of the people through the use of state terrorism. When the peasants of Rajasthan demand water for their fields the government crushes their struggle with baton and bullets. This use of state terrorism and oppression is never shown on the media channels. He said that 50 thousand British colonizers ruled over 30 crore Indians. Today two lakh capitalists under the leadership of 150 monopoly capitalists houses are ruling over 120 crore Indians. Concluding his speech, he appealed to the working class of India to unite under the leadership of CGPI following the path shown by Shaheed Bhagat Singh to overthrow the capitalist exploitation and oppression and create a new India.

Vice President of Lok Raj Sangathan Guruji Hanuman Prasad Sharma said that this freedom is a lie. This freedom is only for the rich minority. Till today in Kashmir the Indian state kills hundreds of people including children. The struggle of the Kashmiri people is being brutally suppressed under the pretext of war against terror. The problem in Kashmir is political, but declaring it as a law and order problem, the Indian state has maintained the rule of the army. Our rulers can go to any extent to defend their barbaric rule. On a daily basis they do propaganda for war between India and Pakistan. War can only be in the interest of the ruling capitalist class. The children of workers and peasants of India and Pakistan will be sacrificed at the altar of this war. Today, the situation in India is extremely dangerous. On the one had they are beating drums of war, while on the other they are crushing the struggle of workers and peasants using state terrorism. They are crushing the struggle of Kashmiri people in the name of fighting against terrorism, while the struggle of tribal people is being crushed declaring them to be Maoist. Students and youth are being silenced, branding their struggle as anti-national and seditious. That is what Bhagat Singh meant, when he said the white British will go, and will be replaced by black British. Our martyrs and ghadris had given the call “hum hai iske maalik, Hindostan hamara!” which was echoed by Bahadur Shah Jafar. To realize the dream of our martyrs and the ghadris, we must struggle to establish lok raj, where the people of our country will be true masters, the masters.

Many other speakers addressed the gathering including President of Ramgarh Education Committee - Kashi Ram Sahu, Mohan Lal, Mainpal Sokhal, Satyanarayan Bhambhu, Rohtash Thori, Secretary of HNES Rajastan - Dinesh Swami, Om Prakash Sahaarja, Kannhiya Lal Jain, Bani Ram Lakesar, President of Lok Jan Samiti -Balwant Bhambhu, and Treasurer- Ram Murty, Comrade Om Prakash Sardu, Subhash Swami, Dr. Balbir Khichad, Manoj Sharma, comrade Om Prakash Sahu, and others.

The programme concluded with rousing slogans of “Inqilaab Zindabad!”, “Samaajwaad Zindabaad!” , “Samrajyawaad Murdabad!”, and “Poonjiwaad, Murdabad!”


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