US drops Super Bomb on Afghanistan:

US and all foreign powers, get out of Afghanistan!

Stop using Afghanistan as a testing ground for larger wars!

Statement of the CC of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 16th April, 2017

On 13th April, American armed forces dropped the most deadly non-nuclear weapon called Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) in the Achin District of Nangarhar in Afghanistan. Communist Ghadar Party condemns this criminal act which is in gross violation of the sovereignty of Afghanistan and all norms of international conduct.

The MOAB, nicknamed the “Mother of All Bombs”, is a weapon of mass destruction in the true sense of the word. It weighs 21,600 pounds and is guided by GPS technology. It has the capacity to burrow under the earth through metal and concrete before exploding, leading to the complete destruction of lives, buildings and soil across a very wide area. Its explosion is followed by a mushroom cloud similar to that following a nuclear explosion.

The MOAB was developed by the US armed forces just before the 2003 Iraq War. The US imperialists threatened the government of Saddam Hussein with this weapon at that time. They have now tested it in 2017 on Afghanistan.

The US imperialists claim that the super bomb they dropped on 13th April was targeted at a place “where ISIS forces are suspected of holding a series of tunnels and buildings.” This claim has no credibility given the track record of the American rulers. They have a long history of repeatedly spreading lies in the name of intelligence, to justify bombing and aggressing on any country they choose. They are once again spreading lies to justify their criminal act of using Afghanistan as a testing ground for the most deadly non-nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

There is convincing evidence which shows that “Islamic terrorism” is a tool that has been created and is being used to advance the drive of US imperialism for global hegemony. The US and its intelligence agencies were the original creators of various terrorist groups in Aghanistan, who they financed and armed to fight against the Soviet occupation troops in the eighties. The just struggle of the Afghan people against foreign occupation troops was hijacked by the US to advance its own aims. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the American imperialists have reorganized and redeployed these so-called Islamic terrorist groups in different countries and regions, to advance their agenda of world domination.

Al Qaida and ISIS are some of the more well known of such groups. These terrorist groups have been used by the US to destroy and subjugate Iraq and Libya, and to destabilize Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria. The ISIS has been set up to assist US imperialism in redrawing the map of West Asia by fomenting sectarian and ethnic conflicts.

Far from waging a “war against terrorism”, the US imperialists are waging a war against the Afghan people and the peoples of other countries who are fighting in defence of their sovereignty.

The US has cynically used Afghanistan as a testing site for its weapons of mass destruction, with which it is threatening any state that stands in its way. Its armed forces have never hidden the fact that they have developed the MOAB to “strike hard at deeply buried targets in high threat environments”. The nuclear and governmental apparatus of Iran and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) have been openly talked about as potential future targets.

The dropping of the MOAB on Afghanistan is one more signal that the US imperialists are on an extremely dangerous and destructive course to establish their domination over Asia. They are openly threatening North Korea. They have provocatively dispatched their Pacific Fleet into the seas adjacent to Korea. They have deployed the THAAD missile shield system in South Korea. They have on 10th April launched cruise missile attacks on Syria.

The US imperialists alleged that the Syrian government was waging chemical warfare against its own people. These allegations have been proven to be outright lies. Many persons within the US intelligence agencies and armed forces have pointed out that the Syrian government forces did not use any chemical weapons. It was some rebel groups who had stockpiled chemical weapons in storage tanks, which exploded when hit from the air.

All facts are showing that the US imperialists are desperate to protect the ISIS and other terrorist groups they have sponsored in Syria from the defeat they are facing at the hands of the Syrian government forces. The US wants to destroy Syria and set up various pockets in that country under the control of groups working under its command.

A very dangerous situation is unfolding. The course on which US imperialism is headed is a threat to all countries and peoples of Asia, and to world peace. The broadest possible political unity can and must be built among all nations and peoples against the aggressive US imperialist drive.

US imperialism has no business to be interfering in the affairs of Afghanistan, just as the Soviet troops had no business to have marched into that country. The right to determine the fate of Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan people and to nobody else.

The Indian people must demand that the US and all foreign powers immediately withdraw from Afghanistan. We must demand that Government of India condemns the criminal bombing and dangerous American war preparations and speak up in defence of the sovereignty of all nations, peoples and countries of South Asia and the world.


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