Haryana municipal workers win their demands

Since 9th May 2018, municipal corporation workers in Haryana were on an indefinite strike for their demands under the leadership of the Nagarpalika Karmchari Sangh. The strike went on for 16 days because of the anti-worker and obstructionist attitude of the government. In the end, government had to agree to a new agreement with the workers.

Haryana Municipal Corporation

The main points in the announcement made by the government after the strike are as follows:

  • running contracts given by Municipal Corporation will be cancelled and municipal and sewer workers will be taken on rolls,

  • municipal and sewer workers on contract in urban areas will be given a salary of Rupees 13,500 in one instalment,

  • allowances for broom will be Rupees 150 and and for cleaning will be Rs. 1000 per month,

  • workers will be paid Rs. 1000 for working on a holiday and monthly allowance for uniform will be Rs. 440

  • government will issue a notice for fresh recruitment for the benefit of firemen already working on contract

  • for workers to meet the revised requirements of passing 12th standard, for completing fire fighting course and obtaining driving license for heavy vehicles more time will be given and they will not be dismissed

  • a committee has been constituted to regularise workers on contract.

Municipal workers have given a strict warning to the government that if the agreed upon demands are not implemented withing a month, then they will be forced to go on a strike once again.

It may be noted that municipal workers have been tirelessly fighting for their demands for a very long time but the government did not pay any heed.

Lok Raj Sangathan spokesperson from the Haryana region, Com. Dhuni Chand addressed the striking workers on 14th May in front of the Sirsa city Municipal Corporation office and expressed solidarity with the workers.


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