Letters to the Editor - The real aim of the NRC is to create division amongst people

The Editor,


On 30th July the second and final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) of Assam was released. The tension that this provoked in the country and particularly in Assam is not unexpected. It only confirms the analysis given in the 16-31 July issue of the Mazdoor Ekta Lehar wherein the issue of NRC was taken up.

The article clearly stated that “The entire exercise of creating a National Register for Citizens for Assam is being carried out in a manner that criminalises the people, terrorizes them and smashes their unity. It is laying the grounds for intensification of communal and sectarian divisions of the people of Assam”

As soon as the draft was released, various ministers in the BJP lead NDA government and other leaders of BJP used this opportunity to spew venom against Bengali speaking people in general and against Bengali speaking Muslim people in particular, pitting rest of the people of Assam against them.

While the Home Minister and the Supreme Court made empty promises that they will protect the rights of those who have been left out of the NCR and not take any immediate punitive action against the over 40 lakh people, the facts belie these claims. 1.25 lakh people have already been labeled as D-voters and many of them have been put in six detention centers, where the conditions are worse than the jails.

At the same time, president of BJP Amit Shah held a press conference and branded all those excluded from the NRC list as illegal foreign immigrants, and vowed to take action against them. The tone and tenor, the aggression and the venom in his speech was devoid of any concern for human value, and was full of hatred against fellow human beings. His every sentence was full of lies and prejudices, with the aim of creating division amongst people and spreading an atmosphere of terror.

His claim that immigrants coming to Assam are responsible for denial of rights of Assamese people is not only a lie, but extremely dangerous. The fact is that it is the present Indian state which is responsible for denying rights to its entire people. This state is controlled and dominated by the 150 corporate houses. To hide this one most revealing fact, 100s of lies are being woven and spread on daily basis. Amit Shah is the representative of these 150 corporate houses and their class, and is speaking their language.

In conclusion, the article in the Mazdoor Ekta Lehar affirms that “Assam consists of numerous nationalities and tribes. The Assamese people have been fighting against their exploitation and discrimination at the hands of the Central State ... The Indian State deliberately imposed communal and sectarian divisions on the Assamese people’s movement for their national rights, to divert and disrupt this struggle.” This is an important conclusion and the developments post the release of the second draft of the NRC has proved it.

It is extremely important that all patriotic people and communists should reject the false propaganda of the India state and stand firm in defence of the rights of all people of this subcontinent, who were divided by the British colonialists and their Indian collaborators on entirely artificial lines.

Vivek Kumar


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