US military parade cancelled: A reflection of growing sentiment against imperialist war

US President Trump officially announced on 16th August 2018, the cancellation of the high profile military parade, which was scheduled to be held this year on 10th November, to honor US military veterans and to commemorate the centennial of World War I.

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The US Department of Defense and the White House had proposed that the march would include approximately eight tanks and other armored vehicles such as Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Strykers as well as flyovers from a variety of military aircraft, all accompanying thousands of active-duty US service personnel, according to a CNBC report. The report states that the estimated cost of the parade had increased to nearly $92 million, three times higher than those stated earlier by the White House.

This had reportedly caused much anger and resentment among the US military veterans and their organisations. Many of them have expressed their anger at this massive expenditure on a demonstrative parade through the streets of Washington D.C. They have declared that they would like the US administration to spend this money instead, on providing critical services to the veterans as well as to the troops and their families. The National Commander of American Legion, a US military veterans’ organization, has said in a statement issued to the media that “until such time as we can ... bring our military home, we think the parade money would be better spent fully funding the Department of Veteran Affairs and giving our troops and their families the best care possible.”

Besides this, there has been a groundswell of opposition from people. The American people want to oppose the never-ending wars and massive military spending. A No Trump Military Parade coalition was meeting regularly to build organized mass opposition to the proposed parade. The No Trump Military Parade was building momentum collecting thousands of signatures and signing up people for various actions on 10th-11th November 2018.

In the face of this opposition, The US Department of Defense was forced to announce cancellation of the event. A Pentagon spokesperson has announced that the event schedule for 10th November 2018 stands cancelled and an alternative date would be explored in 2019.

The cancellation of the military parade amidst opposition by the US military veterans is a reflection of the growing sentiment against imperialist war in the US and all over the world. It is a sign of the refusal by the American people to continue to be made cannon fodder for imperialist aims of the US all over the world. It is a reflection of the growing anger among people at the fact that the wealth and precious resources produced by the labour of the working class and people are increasingly being diverted for destructive wars in the interests of the super profits of the biggest monopolies and for establishing the hegemony of US imperialism in various parts of the world.


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