Elections in 5 states

With reference to the article carried in the Nov. 16-30, 2018 issue of MEL entitled `Elections in 5 states: Both BJP and Congress Party must be defeated!  Building worker-peasant united front is the only way.’ The issue of elections and that of the divide between the so-called `communal' and `secular' forces is one of the important ones on which massive confusion is caused by bourgeoisie to continue its rule.

The bourgeoisie presents matters as if this is the only alternative that the people of India have, and from time to time, in periodic elections, the people should either vote for a communal alliance or a secular alliance, and air-brushing the reality that both are wings of the bourgeoisie.  Furthermore, the regional elections in 5 states are being presented a prelude to what is come in the 2019 General Elections, and that the regional elections are a litmus test of the policies of the Government or whatever. 

The fact is that most of the policies of the NDA Government are continuation of those of the UPA Government, and that the two formations are both in favor of the anti-people assault that both have carried out during their respective tenures.  Ever since the BJP led NDA Government came into power, there has been one disaster after another, whether it is demonetization or the GST.  But it may be kept in mind that UPA policies were similar in their support of liberalization and privatization.  In order to divert the anger of the people, there is a daily dose through the bourgeois controlled media of hate being spewed against minorities, Dalits and other weaker sections of the population and massive caste and other kinds of polarization, under this or that pretext.  It should also be kept in mind that the BJP policies are an extreme version of what the Congress carried out covertly to divide the people along various lines. 

All the above points to the fact that the people of the country are completely disenfranchised and the bourgeoisie keeps changing the treasury and opposition benches between the two parties, one that is favored at this time, and another at some other time.  It is important to recognize that the multi-party system in India has actually kept the people out of power, and it is the bourgeoisie that decides which party to back at which time.  Once elections are over, the Executive branch has concentrated all power in its own hands.  The recognition that power does not reside in the hands of the people is key to break the deadlock.

The recognition that a new system is the crying need of the hour that vests power in the hands of the people, and in particular of the working class, the truly revolutionary class and taking it away from the bourgeoisie, its institutions and its Constitution.   Communists must lead this struggle and make such a revolution possible.  


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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