The struggle is intensifying in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Farmers and masses of people of Hanumangarh have intensified struggle for realization of their rights!

Peasants' struggle

The farmers in the district are waging struggle in support of their various demands:

Kisan Dharna

Ramgarh Lok Jan Samiti and farmers of Ramgarh, Ujwalvaas and 11 Birani have started their struggle for compensation for the failed kharif crop, demanding crop insurance amount for the same. In the memorandum submitted to the block officer they have pointed out that their entire crop has been destroyed. There is drought and famine in the district. The agriculture department have also admitted that 75 per cent of the crop has been damaged, but the patwari (land records officer) has not submitted his report and now the farmers are fearing that they may be denied compensation and crop insurance amount for their failed crop. The farmers have warned the officials that if their demands are not met they will further intensify their agitation.

The farmers are agitating in front of the Axis Bank branch on Bihani road in Nohar. The indefinite agitation is continuing since 10th January. Despite biting cold the farmers are out on the streets for their just demands. They are demanding that the arrears of crop insurance claim due to them must be paid immediately.

Two insurance claims for Rabi and Kharif crops of the farmers for the year 2016-17 are still pending with the banks. The amount due to farmers from Sondhi, Lalana, Asarjaana, Nanau, Badbirana, Fephana, Kinkrali, and others is yet to be deposited into their account. Guruji Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Vice President of Lok Raj Sangathan has demanded of the District Collector that the insurance amount due to the farmers must be paid immediately. He warned that the agitation will be intensified if this did not happen.

Since 14th January, the Kisan Vikas Samiti, Swabhimaan Kisan Sangh, and Rajasthan Kisan Union are staging an indefinite protest at the bus stand in Fephana in support of their 8-point charter of demands. The farmers are also sitting on chain hunger strike at the spot.

The farmers are demanding that they should be given complete loan waiver, that they should receive the report on action taken against the top bank officials for illegally deducting higher interest from the account of the KCC account holders, and that vacant position for doctors in community health center must be filled immediately.

The farmers are also staging protest at the Hanuman district collectorate since 30th January, demanding implementation of the recommendation of the Swaminathan Committee report, ensuring remunerative prices for all crops, and fixing minimum support prices for milk. This struggle is being waged under the banner of Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh.

The villagers of Ramgarh have launched their agitation

Lok Jan Samiti meeting

Years ago the Rajasthan State Electricity Board had decided to set up an electric grid sub-station (GSS) in Ramgarh block. The waterworks department had decided to set up a diggi. But since then there has been no progress in construction of either of them. Angered with the apathy of the administration people of Ramgarh have launched their agitation.

The decision to launch agitation was taken at the meetings called by Lok Jan Samiti and Lok Raj Sangathan. They discussed the issues of setting up of the sub-station to solve the problem of voltage fluctuations, and of digging a high capacity diggi to solve the problem of water scarcity. The meeting decided to meet the concerned officials to expedite the matter. They resolved that if the officials do not heed their requests and start work, people will start their agitation. The meeting also resolved to undertake renovation and beautification of old johar to ensure water security.

The meeting also extended it solidarity and support to the farmers agitation at Fephana bus stand in support of their charter of 8-demands, and the agitation of farmers from more than half a dozen villages who are protesting in front of the Axis bank in Nohar.

Rail roko agitation

Rail Roko agitation

Demanding a change in schedule and halting of the trains passing from Sadulpur to Hanumangarh, the residents of Ramgarh staged a protest and stopped many trains on the route. They submitted a memorandum to the DRM demanding that the departure timing of train 04778 from Sadalpur to Hanumangarh should be changed to 7 PM and the trains from Tilak Bridge to Sriganganagar should have a scheduled halt at Ramgarh station. The residents warned that if these demands are not fulfilled by 28 February they will intensify their agitation. They alleged that rail transport in the area is being influenced adversely due to political pressure, as result of which people in rural areas are not able to access the rail transport facility.

Member of All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan and its vice-president Guruji Hanuman Prasad Sharma, president of Ramgarh Seva Samiti Amar Singh, President of Lok Jan Samiti Dr Krishna Nokhwal, Savitri Sharma, Sunita Kumari, Reshma, Kuldeep Bhambhu, Naresh Sanger, Maniram Lakesar, Satpal Godara, Sharif Mohammad, Shaukin Khan, Dayaram Bana, Manoj Sharma, and many prominent citizens of Ramgarh block participated in this meeting.

Prior to this agitation, Lok Raj Sangathan and many other local people’s organisations organised Rail Roko agitation in Gogamedhi with similar demands.


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