Letters received from readers in response to the Communique of the Plenum published in the MEL issue June 16-30

Dear Editor,

The Communique of the Plenum of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party, held on 1-2 June, gives us a clear picture of the election and its result. It provides a clear direction for action, based on sound analysis.

“It is not the people who have brought about the BJP victory. The most influential Indian monopoly capitalists have collaborated with the Anglo-American imperialists to bring about this result.” This conclusion hits the mark.

Our country is being dragged on an extremely dangerous course. As pointed out in the Communique, the capitalist class ruling our country cannot be trusted to defend India’s sovereignty or to work for peace in this region. The situation demands united opposition by the broadest sections of the people to the dangerous course along which our country is being dragged. Such united opposition, on the basis of principles, can only be built under sound communist leadership. It is not going to come about under the leadership of the Congress Party or any other party of the capitalist class.

The propaganda in the news media and the social media is putting pressure on everyone to choose between one or another party and leader of the capitalist class. The ruling class wants everyone to take sides in the rivalry between BJP and Congress Party. As clarified by the Communique, the only way to defeat this is for all of us communists to boldly present the revolutionary alternative and fight for workers’ and peasants’ rule. We must fight for the Navnirman of India.

The campaign of Birju Nayak, member of Communist Ghadar Party who contested these elections in South Delhi, has shown how communists can use the electoral arena to advance the class struggle. I sincerely wish that the entire communist movement draws the appropriate lessons from the example set by Communist Ghadar Party. If all communists were to unite and launch one single campaign for the revolutionary alternative, the political situation can be changed. The dangers posed by the present course can be averted. The door can be opened for actually ensuring prosperity and protection for all.

Ram Kumar,


The Editor

The Communique of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party, published in the June 16-31 issue of MEL, presents a very clear analysis of the present national and global situation, within which context we have to understand the results of the recently concluded Lok Sabha Elections.

In particular, I would like to draw attention to the major role played by Anglo-American agencies in these elections, which the Plenum takes note of.

It is a well-known fact that that since the last 5 years, Whatsapp which was bought over by Facebook in 2012, has worked closely with the BJP. Crores of people were targeted on their mobile phones, with all kinds of hate propaganda and disinformation, in order to secure the overwhelming majority for Modi in these elections. Personal data of crores of people were accessed without their knowledge or consent, to bombard them with specific messages based on their religion, caste, political affiliation, past Whatsapp and internet practices, etc.

As the Communique points out, the US is aggressively pushing to establish a unipolar world under its dictate. The recent visit of US Secretary of State Pompeo to New Delhi once again confirms that the US wants to strengthen its strategic-military partnership with India. It wants India as its trusted ally in the Indo-Pacific region, in order to counter China and Russia and isolate Iran. It is depending on the BJP led Modi government, with its absolute majority, to shape a course for India which will suit US interests.

As the Plenum concluded, there is unmistakably the hand of Washington in organising the landslide victory for the BJP. It is not a mandate given by the people of our country. On the contrary, the people of our country must be aware of the grave dangers that this course, of close alliance with US imperialism, poses for our sovereignty and for peace and security in the region.

Chitra B., New Delhi

Dear Editor

The 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party has analysed the recent Lok Sabha elections very comprehensively.

An important observation of the Plenum was that an enormous amount of money was spent on these elections making it the most expensive election ever held in any country, with the lion’s share being spent on the BJP campaign.

A report published in the press says that the total expenditure amounted to Rs 60,000 crore, out of which the BJP spent 45% and the Congress spent about 20%. Together these two parties of the bourgeoisie had the lion’s share of total expenditures.

It is estimated that Rs 700 was spent per voter. This came up to nearly Rs 100 crore in each parliamentary constituency. Around Rs 12,000 crore to Rs 15,000 crore was distributed directly to voters, while Rs 20,000 crore to Rs 25,000 crore was spent on publicity. Logistics accounted for about Rs 5,000 crore.

All this money could not have come from the pockets of candidates. The election campaigns of these bourgeois parties were financed by the biggest Indian and foreign monopolies and agencies. The financing was done through electoral bonds, direct donations, media time, logistics support, and underwriting of expenses incurred in other activities.

It is not the people’s mandate that put BJP in power. It is money and propaganda power of the biggest monopolies that enabled BJP to form the government for the second term.

This reiterates the immediate necessity for workers and peasants to take political power in their hands and carry out the Navnirman of India by reconstituting the political system to vest sovereignty in the people, among other tasks.

N. Kandasamy, Madurai


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