Repeal the CAA and NRC! - Mass protests and a meeting in London

Ghadar International and Indian Workers Association(GB) held a public meeting against CAA (Citizens Amendment Act) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) on Saturday 4th January 2020 in Ilford. The meeting followed a 4 mile long protest march from Forest Gate to Newham in London. The march was attended by over 2000 people from many faith groups, progressive individuals and organisations. The march ended with a militant rally held at a park in Newham.

Demonstration in front of India House in London
long march on 4th Jan

Dalwinder Atwal from Indian Workers Association (GB) and Salvinder Dhillon from Ghadar International spoke at the meeting and also addressed the rally amongst many others condemning the CAA and NRC. The march resonated with militant slogans. Amongst them were slogans like:

“Ek Par Hamla, Sabh Par Hamla.” Attack on One is an attack on all”

“Hum Sab Ek Hain.” “We are all one”

“Inquillab Zindabad”

The speakers pointed out that there was widespread opposition to this black law amongst all sections of Indian society including Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims. University students have come out demanding the repeal of this inhuman law aimed at continuing the “divide and rule” policy. Massive demonstrations have taken place in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jai Pur, Kolkata, Jallandhar and many other cities all over the world. Widespread protests have taken place in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Germany etc. People denounced CAA and NRC and demanded repeal of these racist acts.

The CAA and the National Register of Citizens, will bring immense suffering to people of of the Indian Sub-Continent including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

The aim of the Indian state of big monopoly capitalists behind this law and the NRC is to divide the people on religious lines. The Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC is similar to that of the the Nazis’ 1935 Nuremberg laws, which blocked Jews from German citizenship.” Hitler singled out the Jews. Modi has singled out Muslims. The Indian state is blaming Muslims for problems faced by the Indian people Hitler blamed Jews for all problems. Muslims are being blamed for every bomb blast which takes place anywhere in India, without even doing any investigation.

Globally, monopoly capitalism is facing an economic crisis of an unprecedented scale. Austerity and privatisation of public services has been imposed on working people throughout the world to shore up declining profits of giant corporations and enrich the minority wealthy ruling elite of big business and financial institutions. Working people are being forced to pay for the economic crisis caused by the capitalist system. Workers, peasant, the intelligentsia and all toiling sections of society are fiercely resisting attacks on their livelihood and erosion of basic human rights to quality of life, health, education, security of livelihood and a clean safe environment. They are defending their fundamental human rights ensuring well being of all. All are facing attacks by this rotten capitalist system. Globally, the monopoly capitalist system led by US imperialism is fanning Islamaphobia and blaming muslims for all problems and using them as scapegoats, as did Hitler in Germany. They are trying to use racism to divide people on religious basis and divert the common militant struggles of working people throughout the world. The Indian government led by Modi is also serving the agenda of big capitalist business houses in India in partnership with multinationals by targeting Muslims. The aim is to weaken and divert people's common struggles using racism and state terror on all sections of Indian society in an attempt to prolong the rule of the minority elite in India. The Indian government uses all mainstream political parties to ensure further enrichment of about 150 big business companies dominating the Indian economy. Rise of fascism and escalation of wars are the only solutions being offered by the monopoly capitalist system to the fighting masses of India and in other countries.

Indian Workers Association and Ghadar International calls upon the people of Indian Sub-Continent to utterly condemn these dastardly attacks on the people of Muslim faith, workers, peasants, students and all toiling sections fighting in solidarity in common struggle. We demand the immediate repeal of the communalist Citizenship amendment Act.

The masses of people in India fighting for their rights must strengthen their unity in struggle to change this rotten system of exploitation and change the system to fulfil the dreams of genuine freedom fighters as envisioned by the patriots of the 1857 war of independence and the Ghadar Party. We must bring about a system envisioned by patriots like Kartar Singh Sarabha, Shaheed Udham Singh, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and their compatriots.

We must unify all our common struggles into a mighty movement to bring about a system that utilises wealth produced by the working people of India to continuously raise their material and cultural standards. A system in which working people are masters of their destiny and are empowered to become the decision makers in all affairs governing society. Only such a system can bring an end to communalism , halt the rising tide of fascism and end imperialist wars.

The meeting in London included a solidarity message from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (ML) and patriotic poetry sung by supporters. The audience participated in enthusiastic discussions at the end of the meeting.

Inquilab Zindabad!


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