From our readers: Exposure of the Industry Package of Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

I am writing in response to the article entitled `Package for industries and businesses:  Acceleration of “Privatization and Concentration of Capital' carried in the June 1-15 web-edition of MEL.  This is an extremely important article.

It is particularly important because it lays bare the intentions and objectives of the NDA Government which is the government of the most reactionary bourgeoisie.  It makes several points that are invaluable and should be known by the working class in their essence.  These are:

* what is really meant by the ``Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan'' of the PM's Rs. 20 crore package, is that the common people, workers, peasants and small enterprises must fend for themselves, and that the Government will take care of big business,

* that the crisis has been turned into an opportunity, not in the sense of the call of the PM, but in the sense of the essence, which is to destroy all small enterprises and to advance the aims of the monopolies, including of hitherto unopened sectors,

* the package unveiled by the FM to aid Micro Small and Medium Enterprises far from assisting them will actually lead to their closure,

* the aim being to take away their participation in sectors such as textiles and hand them over to monopolies,

 * a new privatization initiative in energy, minerals, defence, airports and electrcitiy distribution, and also atomic and space which hitherto were not open, with a variety of obstructions for PSUs to participate,

* special attention to coal sector which will be thrown open in a big way to private mining exploration and production, and plans to privatize Coal India,

* expansion for private participation in Aluminium along with coal, with such big players as Aditya Birla and Vedanta groups,

* easing of restrictions in defence and weapons manufacturing and enabling of more participation of foreign capital,

* expansion of private enterprise in power distribution, especially in Union Territories,

* expansion of private capital into atomic sector and medical isotopes, and into space sector,

* amendments to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code as well as to the Companies Act,

* specific sops to write-off losses incurred due to Covid lockdown.

The main point is that the Lockdown Period has been used by the Government to put in place favourable conditions for their paymasters, namely the big bourgeoisie and the industrial lobby.

The working class must be educated about all these nefarious activities and this article is a very useful contribution towards this end. I thank you for this valuable contribution.


A. Narayan



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