Lessons from 1984 massacre of Sikhs

Dear Sir,

I thank the CGPI for so succinctly bringing out important lessons from the gruesome massacre of Sikhs in 1984.

Here I would like to bring out how the state and its apologists have been trying to confuse and put the blame on the people, while absolving those guilty of such massacres.

While it is well known that it was the top leadership of congress party at the head of the state which had organised the massacre, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been going around the world “apologizing on behalf of the NATION”, implying that the people of our country were to blame for the massacre. This is blatant lie and an insult to the people of India, who stood courageously in defense of their Sikh brethren, providing them safety, shelter and standing with them shoulder to shoulder in fight for justice, against all odds set by the state.

While various people have been courageously fighting to bring out the truth, punish the guilty and secure justice for the victims, recently there has been talk that the demand for punishing those guilty of the massacre should be put aside and there should “reconciliation”, that “life should go on”. Such talk is again based on the lie that it is the people of different faiths who killed each other and were responsible for the massacre. Such accusations are nothing but a ploy by the rulers to divide people, set them against each other, and create conditions for more such crimes.

Our experience has proven again and again that it is the state and not the people who are communal and that the rulers are responsible for communal violence, not the people or their religious beliefs.

Vivek Kumar

New Delhi


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Punish the Guilty    1984 के गुनहगारों को सज़ा दो!    November 1984    Nov 16-30 2011    Letters to Editor    Popular Movements    


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