Long live Leninism


I am writing to thank you for the informative and important article written to mark the 145th birth anniversary of our great leader, V. I. Lenin on the 22nd of April of this year. Indeed, I could not agree more that the present time is one in which it is very important for us to understand the teachings of Leninism as a guide to our revolutionary action.  The name of Lenin has and continues to inspire millions around the world to take charge of the working class in order to lead it to its eventual victory.

Nonetheless, it is important at this time to make a sober assessment of the scenario facing is the world, which is one of complete encirclement by the bourgeoisie, both in India as well as on the world scale. This birthday observance has come at a time when the India bourgeoisie is on its rapacious path of conquest of every nook and cranny of the country and its leveraging of every aspect of life in the country to its service, and through its control of the bourgeois state and `democracy’. More than at any other time, it is important that the tools of Leninism be used to expose this set up to the maximum possible extent and to carry forward the work of the unrealized proletarian revolution.

In particular, it is important to expose the fraud of Indian democracy which continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the people as if it is possible for `sabka sath, sabka vikas’ the latest of the discredited slogans of the bourgeoisie.  The truth of all the above is that in the nearly 70 years that have ensued since the departure of British rule and the establishing of the Indian state and the adoption of the Constitution of 1950, the primary instruments of rule of the bourgeoisie, India has grown into a rapacious imperialist power on the one hand, and a country of starving hundreds of millions on the other. In other words, the lie of the Indian democracy is there for everyone to see, and yet the party goes on for the bourgeoisie.

In order to come to grips with this state of affairs and in order to overthrow it, one must use the most clinical and sober methods on one’s hands. This has often manifested itself in the irreconcilable contradiction between the rulers and the ruled, and the breakdown of even bourgeois constitutional machinery, leading to the rule of the iron fist, albeit in a velvet glove. As mentioned in the article, this feature is that of the Rule by Decree and the marginalization of the people. In the sphere of philosophy, this is the clash between `condition’ on the one hand and `authority’ on the author, the latter being an arbitrary one, which was handed down to the Indian ruling circles by the British, which was seized from the people perforce, essentially after the failed revolutionary war of 1857. That is the grim spectacle that the people of India face.

On the other hand, in this system, the germs of its destruction reside, and it is for us to turn this into a living force and to seize the moment and to prepare for the revolution. It has, indeed, been done before. The Soviet Union established by Lenin, continues to be a source of inspiration for us and beacon of hope for all. The experience of the Soviet Union must be studied and replicated to establish the new socialist India, and lessons drawn to prevent a capitalist restoration. These are the sober tasks ahead. I am also thankful that you have carried this timely article, and have also included the lessons from his life and the words of J. V. Stalin which remind us of what the greatness of Com. Lenin are. I would like to echo your words saluting V. I. Lenin and join the chorus in endorsing Leninism.


A. Narayan, Bangalore


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