Red Salute to T.S. Sankaran!

The Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India deeply grieves the passing away of our dear T.S. Sankaran, fondly known as Mama by all the comrades of the Party, on December 15, 2012 at the age of 86 in Chennai.

Our Party dips its red banner in salute to this exemplary personality, whose word and deed always matched. His life and work will always be an example of inspiration for us communists, and for all those who have had the opportunity to work or interact with him in the course of his multifaceted life. The Central Committee of our Party extends its deep felt condolences to his dear wife and to all the members of his beloved family who have suffered an irreparable loss.

T S SankaranT.S. Sankaran was born on January 4, 1926 in an enlightened family. Deeply cultured, and inspired by progressive ideals, he was committed to the emancipation of the toiling and oppressed people of our country from his early days. During his tenure in the Civil Service, he held many senior positions both at the Centre and in the State of Tamil Nadu. He served for the main in the Ministry of Labour. In the course of his official work, he came to get an extremely good grasp of the conditions of the working class of India, the inadequacy of the labour laws, and the blatant violation of the rights of workers. He was particularly moved by the plight of working women, and of workers deprived of trade union rights such as construction workers, workers in the informal sector and others. After retiring from government service, he dedicated himself to fighting for the rights of workers, and was associated with numerous campaigns and organisations related to these causes. His name and work are indelibly linked with the campaign to guarantee social security for all workers as a right by virtue of being workers. The initiatives he took in promoting reforms and the untiring struggle he waged for just laws to ensure the protection of workers’ rights, particularly for unorganised workers, including construction workers and bonder labour can never be forgotten; he will always be remembered as a genuine fighter for democratic rights, one who was known for his non-sectarian approach throughout his life and work.

Shri. Sankaran had an invaluable role to play in the founding of the Committee for Peoples Empowerment and later on the Lok Raj Sangathan. He played an extremely important role in inspiring and organizing numerous enlightened personalities to take up the cause of the empowerment of the Indian people. The movement for people’s empowerment is inseparably linked with the personality and contribution of Shri. Sankaran.  

All those who have had the opportunity to work with him,  — comrades, his peers, the youth, the women and girls, workers and trade union activists, were inspired by his  great optimism and spirit, and he in turn was extremely interested to learn from their experiences and share his rich experiences with them. In all the difficult moments of his life, he never shed his optimism, never lost his cheerful smile. In the last year of his life, he battled with courage against the deadly disease of cancer, but never once complained, nor did he stop working. 

In the passing away of Shri. Sankaran, we have suffered an irreparable loss. The Central Committee of our Party pledges to turn its great grief at this loss into strength, and carry forward the work to build a new society in which sovereignty will truly be vested in the hands of the people. The life and deeds of T.S. Sankaran will always be a source of inspiration to the Party!


Lal Singh

General Secretary, Central Committee

Communist Ghadar Party of India


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