Guest Teachers on indefinite fast

Teachers of Delhi government schools have been on strike since the last three weeks, under the leadership of the All-India Guest Teachers Association. Teachers have been on a hunger strike since 8th July, under this banner. They are demanding that their appointments be renewed immediately, that they be paid a lumpsum amount equal to what the Guest Teachers of MCD and SSA schools receive and that limitations on age be removed. Appointments of 10200 Guest Teachers have not been renewed since the previous year.

The teachers were attacked mercilessly by the police when they reached the house of the Lt Governor Najib Jung, with their demands on 7th July

It should be noted that the Guest Teachers have been in struggle in support of their demands since the last three years. However, none of the governments, across parties, has paid any attention to their demands. On 24th June 2014, they took their demands to the Minister for Human Resource Development, Smt. Smruti Irani, but she paid no heed either.

Almost 15000 teaching posts have been lying vacant in Delhi government schools since the last several years. The government has not taken any definite steps to fill these vacancies. This is because the government has no commitment to its duty of providing good education to children, nor is the government’s objective that all children should be educated. It makes a show of its responsibility and pays lip service to the issue.

The prevailing situation where Guest Teachers are appointed again and again for several years clearly reflects how little the Delhi government is interested in providing education. Teachers’ services are being contracted in the same way that government positions are being filled with contractual employees.

Mazdoor Ekta Lehar condemns the criminal attitude of the Delhi government towards its Guest Teachers and demands that they be regularised with immediate effect.


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