Barbaric Army attack on refugee camps in Myanmar

There is no justification for state terrorism and for violation of Myanmar’s sovereignty

On June 9, 2015, the army and air force launched a combined assault on what the Indian state calls militant camps in Myanmar. Over 60 people are reportedly killed and many seriously injured in this attack. According to the armed forces, these attacks were carried out as an act of retaliation to the killing of 18 army men in an ambush in the Chandel district of Manipur bordering Myanmar on June 4, 2015.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the Army attack on camps in Myanmar and the killing of people in what are being called “surgical strikes”. This is a blatant violation of the sovereignty of Myanmar.

The government and the monopoly media are gloating over how India has shown the willingness to carry out cross border strikes to target alleged terrorists. Already there is talk that this is a signal to Pakistan that Indian armed forces might carry out similar “surgical attacks” against alleged training camps of militants inside Pakistan.

In carrying out the army action inside Myanmar, the Indian state is following the example set by US imperialism which has repeatedly carried out drone strikes and other attacks on Pakistan, killing thousands of people, allegedly to eliminate terrorist bases in that country.

Meanwhile, the entire Chandel District and all its villages have been cut off from the rest of Manipur in what is called in military parlance, “combing operations by the Indian Army”. The movement of civilians in and out of the district has been effectively banned, and people in the rest of Manipur have no clue as to what the innocent people of this district are facing at the hands of the Army.

A grave situation has been existing in Manipur, and the actions of the Indian Armed Forces both inside Manipur and now in the districts of Myanmar bordering Manipur, have further aggravated the situation.

The problem in Manipur and the whole of the North East, is a political problem demanding political solutions The Indian state has consistently refused to accept this. It has treated the problem as a “law and order” problem, and unleashed state terrorism on a massive scale to crush the struggles and aspirations of the people.

Simultaneously, it has used various diabolical methods to try to smash the unity of the people of Manipur and the people of the region as a whole, so that they do not unite and fight against their common enemy. For this purpose, it has set up various armed groups which carry out terrorist actions against the people. Its aim in fostering such groups is to discredit the movement of the people of Manipur aimed at ending Army Rule, and revoking the hated Armed Forces Special Power Act. Its aim is to prevent the people of Manipur and the North East from uniting in struggle against the colonial imperialist rule of the Indian state, for its reconstitution as a voluntary union of nations and peoples in which the right of every constituent to self determination would be guaranteed and enforceable, and in which the human rights of all would be guaranteed.

Thousands of men, women and children have been victims of state terrorism in Manipur during the decades of Army rule. It is clear that Army rule, far from solving any problem of the people, has only exacerbated the problems. It has led to the complete alienation of the people of Manipur from the Indian Union.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon all political forces who are interested in a democratic solution to the problem in the North East to join hands in condemning the Indian state for the brutal and blatant violation of the sovereignty of Myanmar by the Armed Forces. The combing operations in Chandel district must be immediately ended, and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act must be revoked. Ending Army rule in Manipur is a necessary condition for any political solution to the problems facing the people.


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