Meeting on Noteban in Sirsa

On 12 February 2017, the Haryana Council of the Lok Raj Sangathan (LRS) held a meeting on the "Ill-effects of the Noteban (demonetisation)". There was a grand exhibition of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Ghadaris of 1857 outside the meeting hall. The meeting was attended by teachers, students, workers, farmers and traders.

The meeting was presided over by the Vice President of the All India Council of LRS, Com. Hanuman Prasad Sharma, Com. Dhunichand and Purushottam Shastri. The meeting was conducted by Com. Kuldeep.

At the start of the meeting, Com. Dhunichand briefly introduced Lok Raj Sangathan. LRS is duty bound to work for vesting sovereignty in the hands of the people. This organisation is establishing Lok Raj Samitis to empower the people all across the country and these samitis will become the instruments for people's power.

A young comrade, Com. Akaash Verma explained in detail that the noteban was an economic attack on workers, peasants, transporters, shopkeepers and others. Modi had claimed that corruption will end with this move. However, on the contrary, noteban has encouraged black marketing. Noteban has given a wind-fall for payment banks like Paytm of the Tatas and Alibaba. Immediately after the noteban, Mukesh Ambani, Birlas and Mittals were also given licenses for payment banks. Capitalist class is a parasitic class, which thrives on sucking the blood of workers and peasants. Noteban has been used to extract the hard earned cash of the people. If we want to end this parasitic class then we will have to follow on the path shown by our martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and overthrow this parasitic class through revolution.

Jasvir Kanswa focused on the ill-affects of notebandi and the terrible conditions of the farmers. Purushottam Shastri talked about the extreme exploitation of teachers and privatisation of education and explained that every step taken by the government is to increase the profits of the big capitalists. Noteban was also an step to achieve the same goal. Hansraj Verma said that the LRS has the responsibility to provide guidance to the workers and peasants. By organising more such discussions, we have to jointly further strenthen this platform. Shri Ranjeet Singh, Shri Vijay Kandara, Shri Raj Pal and Mrs. Savitri Devi severely criticised the noteban.

Com. Santosh Kumar, spokesperson of the Communist Ghadar Party, explained in his speech how it did not matter which government was in power and how all the governments worked to maximise the profits of the bourgeoisie. Noteban was yet another step in this direction. The government had claimed that the noteban will stop terrorism, black money and corruption. Modi government was building and strengthening strategic partnership with the biggest source of terrorism in the world, the US. The root of corruption lay in the foundation of capitalism itself. The capitalist media propagated Modi's false claims day and night. When the Modi government was unsuccessful in convincing the people, they started to shift the blame on to the bank employees.

There is an illusion created in the society about the Congress Party being not as bad as the BJP. These parties are only the managers for the bourgeois class. From time to time, this class switches from one to the other. BJP is continuing the same policy of privatisation and liberalisation that Congress party had started. Bourgeoisie is not only selling off the wealth of the country but the country itself. Only the path of the Ghadaris is the path to save the nation, which is the path of revolution. The existing state power has to overthrown through revolution and a new state has to be built in which the people of India will be sovereign.

Concluding the meeting, com. Hanuman Prasad Sharma said that country is at a dangerous turn. The bourgeoisie is pushing the world in the direction of the Third World war. This will cause great devastation. He pointed out that this is the centenary year of the Great October Revolution of 1917. The Russian workers had overthrown the bourgeois class and established socialism. Indian workers and peasants will have to establish socialism in our country. Only then can the people be liberated. At the end of the meeting a young comrade recited a militant poem which went as – "There has a to roar in the murmurs ... there has to be fire in hearts like brave Bhagat Singh ...".             


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