Communist parties denounce demonetisation

A militant demonstration and rally was organized in New Delhi on November 8, 2017, exactly a year after demonetisation was brutally imposed on our people by the BJP led central government. The demonstration was organized by the seven communist parties – Communist Ghadar Party of India, Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, Socialist Unity Centre of India – Communist, All India Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Communist parties marching to oppose demonetisation
Communist parties marching to oppose demonetisation

The communist activists and supporters gathered at Mandi House and marched through the busy streets of Central Delhi to the Reserve Bank of India, militantly raising slogans denouncing demonetisation and its disastrous consequences for our people. Slogans such as “Down with demonetisation!”, “Stop the loot and plunder of our people!”, “Down with economic terrorism!”, “This is not democracy, this is rule of the monopoly capitalist class!”, “Down with the growing attacks on the livelihood of workers and peasants!” rang out. The protestors carried banners of their parties and placards bearing these and other slogans.

In front of the Reserve Bank, a spirited rally was held, which was addressed by leaders of the participating communist parties. Comrade Atul Kumar Anjaan (CPI), Comrade Brinda Karat (CPM), Comrade A.S.Dagar (RSP), Comrade G.Devrajan (AIFB), Comrade Pran Sharma (SUCI-C), Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya (CPIML-Liberation) and Comrade Santosh Kumar (CGPI) addressed the rally.

Speakers at the rally criticized the demonetisation move of the BJP led central government as an attack on the livelihood of millions of workers, peasants and small traders. While it has spelt disaster for the masses of toiling people, it has greatly enhanced the wealth of the biggest monopoly capitalists. In the name of “creating a cashless economy”, the profits of the digital companies have soared, while the masses of people in the rural areas and small towns have had to face enormous difficulties.

Several speakers dwelt upon the real aims of the demonetisation and exposed the false claims of the government. The government’s claims that demonetisation will lead to unearthing of black money, end terrorism and bring well-being to the people, have all been proved thoroughly false. The money stashed away by the big monopoly capitalists and other super rich in tax havens abroad has not been touched, as can be seen from the various scams that have been exposed in recent days. Neither has terrorism ended. In fact, the present government is building closer relations with US imperialism, the fountainhead of terrorism in the world today, greatly endangering peace and security in our country and in the region. The conditions of the workers, peasants, small traders and other working people have greatly deteriorated.

Speakers highlighted the growing state-organised communal violence and state terrorism, aimed at smashing the unity of the people and crushing the protest of all sections of the working people.

Comrade Santosh Kumar of the CGPI further pointed out that behind the decision of Narendra Modi and his government to carry out the demonetisation lies the interests of about 150 biggest monopoly capitalists, who head the ruling class of our country. They are the ones who set the agenda for the country. The government in power is charged with the responsibility of implementing the agenda of the big monopoly capitalists. These 150 monopoly capitalist houses use their control over the media and all the resources to ensure that the party or coalition that can best implement their agenda comes to power and forms the government. That is why each successive government carries out the agenda of the big monopoly capitalists even more aggressively and causes further devastation of the people.

Comrade Santosh Kumar elaborated on the role of communists in this situation. The task of the communists is to expose this truth and mobilise the working class around its own program – of overthrowing this rule of the capitalist class and establishing the rule of the working class – as the workers in Russia did a hundred years ago, he concluded amidst enthusiastic applause.


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