Condemn the brutal missile attacks on Syria

Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 14th April 2018

The US, UK and France launched missile attacks on Syria early morning on 14th April. This is a blatant attack on the sovereignty of Syria and a deliberate provocation against its government and people.

Communist Ghadar Party of India strongly condemns this criminal attack on Syria and its people by the imperialists. It calls on the working class and people of our country and all peace and justice loving forces to unite and oppose imperialist war against Syria.

For more than a week before this, the Anglo American imperialists had raised the pitch of its propaganda against Syria, screaming that it was killing its own people through chemical warfare. There is no evidence that the Syrian government was responsible for the use of chemical weapons. The Syrian government has denied use of chemical weapons and blamed the US-NATO backed “rebels” for deliberately staging these attacks to provide pretext for US intervention. The manufacturing of such lies by the imperialists in order to justify their brutal war is not new. It is well known that the “rebels” financed by US imperialism have stockpiled countless chemical weapons.

Since the past seven years, US imperialism and its NATO allies in Europe – notably the UK and France, have been meddling in Syria. US imperialism demonised the Assad regime as a brutal dictatorship in order to provide the justification for NATO’s military intervention. US imperialism and its allies, the regimes in Britain, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have continued to arm and finance various groups in Syria. The aim has been to spread anarchy and violence, divide Syria on sectarian lines, as had been done earlier in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and carry out regime change by overthrowing the Assad regime.

US imperialism and its NATO allies are the source of the conflict in Syria that has cost lakhs of innocent lives, devastation of whole cities and large parts of the country side and forced migration of millions of Syrians.

The latest missile attacks on Syria have come at a time when the US-NATO backed “rebel” groups have suffered major setbacks at the hands of the forces of the Syrian government. The US-NATO intervention is aimed at assisting these forces and prolonging the brutal war in Syria.

The US missile attacks increase the danger of war between the US-NATO forces and Russia.

All those who desire peace in Syria and neighbouring countries of West Asia must demand the immediate end to US led military intervention in Syria. There is no justification for the attack on the sovereignty of any country.


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