May Day 2018: Workers demonstrate throughout the country

May Day meeting at the office of the Communist Ghadar Party of India

On 1st May 2018, the International Workers day, members, activists and supporters of the Party hoisted the red flag at the Party's office and saluted all the martyrs of the working class. Activists of the Party, families of Party members and workers resident in the area participated enthusiastically.

Party office

The meeting venue was decorated with red flags and banners with slogans on them. The meeting began when a veteran comrade unfurled the red flag. Even as the flag was unfurled, the meeting venue reverberated with slogans – Inquilab Zindabad! Long live International Workers Day! Workers of the world unite! Unite against the anti-worker and anti-peasant programme of privatization, liberalization and globalization! We are her masters, we are Hindustan! Workers, peasants, women and youth!

Com. Santosh began his address with a salute, on the occasion of May Day, to the fighting workers of our country and all over the world. He hailed the rising struggles of the working class against the increasing attacks on the class by the capitalists. He explained that the working class is unable to appreciate its own strength. Our work is to make it conscious of its own strength.

The day the workers realise what they are capable of, the power and rule of the bourgeoisie will be shaken. Let us awaken the class, let us organise the class, let us enable the class to become conscious of its own strength.

Com Prak Rao, spokersperson of the Communist Ghadar Party began his speech with the rousing fact that workers of all countries from Japan in the East to America in the West will be unfurling the red flag and pledging to take the struggle forward. This shows that workers of the world are one.

Com. Prak pointed out that the attacks on workers were intensifying on a world scale and lakhs and lakhs of workers are out on the streets defying these attacks on their rights with great determination. He explained that world over the struggle was sharp between two classes – the bourgeoisie and the working class. The capitalist system under the hegemony of the bourgeoisie is based on the exploitation of workers. The working class continues to fight against this exploitation and to become the rulers.

The ruling class makes every attempt to divide the working class on the basis of religion, caste, language and province in order to weaken the struggle of the working class.

In order to divert the struggle of the working class the bourgeoisie carries out vigorous propaganda that conditions can change through bringing this or that party or leader to power through elections. This is what has been happening over the last 70 years. The prevailing “democracy” is one of the principal instruments of rule of the bourgeoisie over the workers and peasants. BJP, Congress and such parties are instruments of bourgeois rule. Our aim is to overthrow the rule of the capitalists and establish worker-peasant rule. Only then can the working class guarantee prosperity and security for all.

We must strengthen the unity of the working class in the immediate struggle against privatization and liberalization. In the course of this struggle, we must establish workers unity committees in every industrial area.

Communist Ghadar Party is the vanguard party of the class, and leads and guides the working class. Let us all strengthen the Party so that it can fulfil its mission of establishing worker peasant rule.

The meeting concluded with a revolutionary song, with the words: Communist Ghadar Party is throwing a challenge, there is hope for those who have been oppressed for hundred years.

Delhi’s workers take a pledge

On May Day 2018, Trade Unions in Delhi marched enthusiastically in a joint rally from Ram Leela maidan culminating in a meeting at the Town Hall in Chandni Chowk.

Delhi May Day - 1
Delhi May Day - 2

Workers from various industrial areas participated in the rally and meeting. There were also workers from the railways, bank and insurance sectors, university workers, teachers and students, municipal workers, health and sanitation workers, etc.

Holding aloft the red banner as a symbol of the blood of the workers shot in Chicago, the rally wound its way through the gullies of old Delhi which reverberated with their slogans. Thousands of people lined the streets along the course of the march to greet the workers on May Day.

Progressive songs and street plays were presented by comrades of the Jan Sanskriti, Sangwari and Jan Natya Manch. Trade union leaders speaking on the occasion, greeted the workers on May Day and raised a red salute to the Chicago martyrs who made the 8-hour day a reality for the working class. Today the bourgeoisie is intensifying their exploitation through the implementation of their liberalization, privatization and globalization programme and making the workers slog for 10-12 hours. Labour laws that had been observed earlier were being grossly violated. The government has recently announced the application of ‘fixed term contract’ in every sector, and rendered all existing latour laws defunct.

Whether it is the central government or the state governments, they are attempting to maximise the profits of the capitalist class through various ways such as contractual labour, not insisting on fulfilment of minimum wages law, withdrawal of social security measures, lock-out, layoffs, etc. Besides failing to provide for the security and prosperity of all, the rulers are spreading the poison of communalism to divide the people and to divert their attention. Speakers pointed out that in Delhi, the minimum wages announced by the same government, are being violated.

Comrade Santosh Kumar, speaking on behalf of Mazdoor Ekta Committee, said that the slogan of “the government that does not provide for the people, must be changed" is a failed slogan. Merely changing the government is not going to improve the conditions of the workers. Notwithstanding that the BJP may be in government or the Congress, the capitalist class is ruling. The task of the working class in not to change governments. We have to decide whether the working class organizes on the basis of its own strength to overthrow the capitalist class and establish the rule of workers and peasants or will we continue to bring one party to power in place of another to provide legitimacy to bourgeoisie’s rule. Even though there are laws in our favour, despite repeated visits to the courts by workers and union activists, courts do not serve us justice. How many members of the parliament or members of legislative assemblies of the states raise the issue of non-payment of minimum wages for discussion? The so-called biggest democracy of the world is a fraud. The constitution does not give the people the right to select candidates, recall unsuitable representatives or the right to initiate legislation.

He said that under the program of globalisation through liberalisation and privatisation, the collective property of the people, made with the blood and sweat of the people is being sold to the capitalists at throwaway price. The wealth of the country is being usurped by the big capitalists like Tata, Birla and Ambani while workers and peasants are being pushed into poverty and deprivation. Peasants are commiting suicide. We have to establish new workers unity committees in industrial areas and strengthen the one's already established. In place of the existing capitalist system, we have to establish the socialist system which will guarantee prosperity and protection to all members of society.

The meeting was concluded with the resolve to intensify the struggle against the anti-people, anti-national, anti-social and anti-worker policies of the government.

Among those who addressed the gathering were comrade Amarjeet Kaur from AITUC, comrade Anurag Saxena from CITU, comrade Rajendra Singh from Hind Mazdoor Sabha, comrade Manager Chaurasia from AIUTUC, comrade Santosh Rai from AICCTU, comrade Santosh Kumar from Mazdoor Ekta Committee, comrade RS Dagar from UTUC and comrade Arun Gupta from AIRF. The meeting was chaired by representatives of AIBEA, AIRF, BEFE, GIAIA and NZIEA,

May Day militantly celebrated in Mumbai

On the 1st of May 2018, right from 9 a.m. thousands of workers from all over Maharashtra started streaming into Azad Maidan in Southern Mumbai. This was for the first time in many years that the working class of Maharashtra had gathered in Mumbai to unitedly demonstrate their collective anger against the anti-worker policies being pursued by the Central and State Governments. The rally was organised by the Trade Unions Joint Action Committee, TUJAC, representing the Central Trade Unions, AITUC, CITU, INTUC, HMS, NTUI, KEC, AICCTU, TUCI, BKS as well as unions representing the banks, LIC, State Government, BMC, Port, Air India, BEST, industrial workers from BPCL, Siemens, NPL etc., unorganised workers from anganwadi, molkarni, ASHA, security guards, construction workers, etc.

May Day Mumbai

Tens of thousands of workers attended the rally. The militant mood of the working class of Maharashtra was echoed by the leaders on the stage who denounced the rulers both at the centre and the states as being hand in glove with the big capitalist monopoly class led by Tata, Birla and Ambani and working only to increase their profits while giving slogans and empty promises to the working class to fool them.

Activists of the Communist Ghadar Party of India vigorously participated in the rally. They distributed in thousands the May Day statement of the Party as well as the Message of Comrade Lal Singh, our General Secretary, calling on the working class to prepare to take power in its own hands as the only solution to end this man-eating capitalist system. They also sold copies of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar and these were received with great interest by the workers from all parts of Maharashtra.

Chennai witnesses several militant May Day demonstrations

VHS Hospital Workers Union held its May Day meeting at the gates of the hospital at Adyar. Many workers and staff belonging to various categories attended the meeting. Workers had arranged red flags at the venue of the meeting. A senior worker hoisted the red flag. Com. Manidasan of Workers Unity Movement welcomed the workers and briefly mentioned of history of May Day. He reiterated the struggles VHS workers have waged in the past and their current set of demands and challenges. Then Com Rajiah spoke briefly and greeted the workers on the May Day.

At VHS Hospital Adyar
Aviation workers

Com. Kabilan of Workers Unity Movement conveyed revolutionary May Day greetings to all workers. He spoke about the present condition of workers in India and how the government is attacking all rights of the workers. Governments have been amending the labour laws to deprive the workers of their rights. He recalled the militant and united strike struggle which VHS workers fought few years back. Now VHS workers have presented a set of demands and management has not accepted them. We need to fight unitedly to win our just demands, he said.

Air Corporation Employees Union (ACEU) had organized the May Day meeting in AI Service center at Meenambakkam Airport, Chennai. All the office bearers of the Union and many staff took part in the meeting. Meeting was chaired by its past president Com. K.Manoharan. Union's past Presidents R.Yuvaraj and Gopinath hoisted the red flag. Com. Manoharan explained the history of May Day and struggles of AI workers against the privatization attempts of the government. Com. Kabilan of Workers Unity Movement condemned attempts of the government to privatize AI. Big capitalists are eyeing the rich and valuable assets of AI in India as well as abroad, he said. ACEU's All India President and Southern Regional secretary, Com. UdayaShankar, spoke of the contributions of the workers of AI in making it one of the leading airlines in the world. It was not the workers who caused the massive debt. The debt burden was created by the rulers and the management. What right a government with a 5 year term has to sell off the assets that belong to the nation? ACEU AIATSL president Com Jaishankar gave vote of thanks and ended the meeting in a militant mood.

Air India Employees Union (AIEU) also held its May Day function. It was addressed by AIEU regional secretaries Comrades Pandian, Kirubakaran, Varadarajan, Umapathy and Kabilan of WUM. They all denounced the attempts of the government to privatize AI.

Air India National Aviation Workers Union held a meeting of its workers in front of Air India's admin office building. Meeting was addressed by Comrades Ramesh, Arumugham, Nandagopal and Kabilan of Workers Unity Movement. Speakers expressed their resolve to fight for the regularization of their jobs and wages on par with the permanent workers.

IT workers

Large number of workers of AITUC belonging to Badra, Domestic & International housekeeping Division, Trolly, ASRS attended the May Day meeting held near Cargo complex at the airport. AITUC leaders Com. Ravi, Jahangir, Shanmuganathan, Pachiappan, Veeran, Perumal and others belonging to various units addressed their May Day meeting.

Forum For IT Employees - FITE celebrated May Day. On this occasion, they released a booklet on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on common IT Employees issues. Meeting was led by Vasumathi, President of FITE together with Vinod, Rajan Gandhi, Arunagiri and office bearers, members and supporters of FITE.

Workers of central trade unions held their May Day rallies and public meetings all over the city and large number of workers took part in these meetings. Meetings were addressed by leaders of the unions.

May Day meeting in Madanpur Khadar

May  Day Madanpur Khadar

A meeting was held in Madanpur Khadar in Delhi on 29th April, on the eve of May Day. The meeting was organized by Lok Raj Sangathan and Mazdoor Ekta Committee. Residents of the area participated in large numbers in this meeting and in the discussion that was organized on the history of May Day, following a short film on the subject.

May Day in Ramgadh

Lok Raj Sangathan organized a meeting on the occasion of May Day at Kumhar Dharamshala in Ramgadh block of Hanumangadh district in Rajasthan.

The meeting began with Hanuman Prasad Sharma - Lok Raj Sangathan’s All-India Council Vice-President – tracing the origin and historical context of May Day. He recounted that workers gathered in Chicago, USA on 1st May 1886 to demand an 8-hour work day. The bourgeoisie responded with barbarity shoting workers down so as to crush their struggle. The white flags in the hands of the workers became red with blood. Through their sacrifice, the workers forced the bourgeoisie to accede to their demand of an 8-hour day.

Sharma pointed to the difficult conditions in the country and the world at present. Working people are forced to work 16 hours a day. Just recently, the bourgeoisie forgave the capitalists a debt of Rs.250 crores. On the other hand, peasants are committing suicide under the weight of unpaid debts to the banks and moneylenders. They are neither realizing adequate compensation for their produce nor are they able to access any means of irrigation. They are unable to access seeds or fertilisers or pesticides in time. Today, India accounts for the largest number of unemployed in the world. In such conditions, the working class should unite and step up the class struggle and replace this bourgeois democracy with working class rule based on scientific socialism in order to establish a society free of exploitation.

Maniram Lakesar - Secretary Lok Jan Samiti, Balwant Bambu – President Lok Jan Samiti and others spoke at the meeting.

The meeting concluded with the slogans, “Workers of the world unite!”, “Inquilab Zindabad!”, “Long live Socialism!”, and “Down with Imperialism!”


Demands of the trade unions reiterated on May Day

  • Declare the minimum wage to be Rs. 20,000 per month and implement the declared minimum wages!

  • Stop the contract system and regularise the contract workers. Rescind the order regarding fixed term appointments!

  • Equal pay for equal work and ensure the safety of workers at their work places!

  • Stop the anti-worker measures that are being introduced in the labour laws!

  • Halt privatisation of the public sector!

  • Timely payments for construction workers!

  • Stop FDI! Issue licences to street vendors and provide ration at affordable rates. Halt price rises!

  • All scheme workers to be treated as employees; pension and bunus payments to all!

  • End the conspiracy of splitting the working class on the basis of caste, religion and language.


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Parties of the capitalist class claim that there is no
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and privatisation. The truth is thatthere IS an alternative.

The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s
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