Condemn brutal US interference in Venezuela! No to "regime change"!

On January 23, 2019, an opposition leader in Venezuela declared himself "interim President" in front of a rally of his supporters. Within minutes, US President Donald Trump declared his country's recognition of this person as the "legitimate" president of Venezuela. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the US would use its economic and diplomatic power to carry out regime change in Venezuela.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns the brutal interference by the US in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

demo in support of Maduro
Washington demo Hands off Venezuela

Two decades ago, the people of Venezuela overthrew a puppet regime of the US and nationalised their oil resources, in what is popularly known as the Bolivarian revolution. Ever since, the US imperialists have left no stone unturned, to regain their lost paradise and establish a puppet regime once again in that country.

They have imposed a brutal economic embargo in order to spread dissatisfaction and unrest amongst the people. They have been training, financing, and arming opposition groups in that country, to unleash anarchy and violence, to overthrow the elected government. What has been carried out on 23rd January is nothing but a coup'd'etat organised by US. The US is striving to once again gain control of the rich oil resources of Venezuela by carrying out regime change.

A dangerous situation has been created in Venezuela as a result of the brutal US action. The US has mobilised its allies — Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Israel and some other states — to exert immense pressure on Venezuela. These allies of the US have joined it in "recognising" the regime change. The US is threatening military intervention, if President Maduro does not step down.

The elected government of Maduro has openly condemned the US interference in the country's internal affairs. The government gave the US 72 hours to move its diplomatic personnel out of the country. It also announced that the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington will be shut down, and diplomats have been asked to return home. In response to this, the US has refused to withdraw its diplomats from Venezuela. Instead, the US has threatened action against Venezuela.

The US attempts to carry out regime change in Venezuela is creating conditions for civil war in that country. The US is violating all norms governing relations between countries. Alarmed by these developments, many countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia have condemned the US interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

The US must be forced to stop its interference and attempts at regime change. The people of Venezuela must be allowed sort out their internal problems free from foreign imperialist interference.


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