Letters to the editor in response to the statement of the Party published on the occasion of Independence Day

Dear Editor

Independence Day is celebrated with much pomp every year in India, and big promises are made.  It has become the norm for the ruling party to congratulate itself for its “achievements” and blame the opposition for all the problems – this is what I have seen since the last 40 years. Masses of people think that we, the people, have become free, with the exit of the British colonialists.

Do we enjoy all the basic facilities that are necessary for us to live like humans, such as clean drinking water, a home to live in, clean roads, electricity and transport – all of which should be available? Further, it is the duty of the State to provide livelihood for every person who seeks work, education for every child, universal access to health and adequate food of good quality at affordable prices. But our people have to fight to have access to these necessities of life which is their right. Their entire life is spent fighting for it in vain. A majority of the people is getting increasingly marginalized from accessing these necessities, and when anyone raises his voice against this injustice, he is labeled anti-national or a terrorist.

People have fought for their rights since more than 100 years, but they are still living in miserable conditions. Whereas such rights as an 8-hour day and minimum wages were won through struggle, these rights are being denied to them today. Women are not safe at their workplaces. Every year, thousands of peasants commit suicide because they are unable to pay back their debts.  People are dying of floods, drought and tsunamis, but nobody is held accountable for these deaths.

Capitalism in our country is proceeding towards imperialism. We must understand that till the time this system is not replaced by a new system, we cannot be really free or prosperous. The statement of the central committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India reveals the condition of the people after more than 70 years!


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to your statement on the anniversary of the Independence Day, entitled, “For real independence, India needs to break with the imperialist system!”

After reading the entire statement, it can be clearly understood that the condition of the workers, farmers, toilers and the entire lot of oppressed people in India is really pathetic. On the one hand, the country is sending a spaceship to the moon and while health tourism is on the rise and there are several other such achievements. At the same time, the farmers in our country are driven to suicide. A large part of our population does not even have two proper meals a day.

Workers are being deprived of even the minimum wages. Through the new labour laws, government is trying to curtail the rights of workers.

Police atrocities are on the rise to crush the struggles of workers and peasants. Innocent workers are being arrested for attempting to establish their unions. Workers asking for the minimum wage are being dismissed from their jobs.

What has prospered in our country in the last seven decades is the wealth owned by the capitalists. It has increased so much that now the Indian capitalists are dreaming of becoming imperialist power themselves. They are colluding with other imperialist powers to increase their investments in new markets of the world. They are forging several strategic partnerships with the US imperialism.

The statement makes it clear that what is responsible for the increasing exploitation and injustices on workers and toilers is the existing capitalist system. This system is committed to increase the exploitation of workers and toilers to increase the profits of the capitalists.

The statement elaborates on how the political power was transferred by the British colonial rulers to the capitalist class through its Congress party. The capitalist class presented the plan for development and these plans were faithfully implemented by the various governments that came to power – whether it was the Congress party, BJP or some coalition government.

In conclusion the statement points out that we have to break with the imperialist system if we have to come out of the crisis. It is essential to establish a rule of workers and peasants. The state power has to be brought under the control of the people.

Thank you for publishing such an enlightening statement.

Your reader,
Roshan Singh, Balia (UP)

Dear  Editor

The statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India published in the issue of August  16-31, on the subject of Independence - For real independence, India needs to break with the imperialist system - has been written very well. This day marks 72 years since the transfer of power from the white imperialists to the Indian imperialists.  I am calling it transfer of power because the aspirations, and yearning for independence truly free from all kinds of oppression that so many people gave their lives for, have not been fulfilled.

As the statement has pointed out, our country has reached a stage when Indian space scientists have been successful at the first attempt to launched Chandrayan-2 to land on the moon. Medical tourism is booming in our country as patients from abroad come to be treated by our skilled doctors. Our engineers and workers are building railroads and highways in other countries. Our farmers are producing more than enough to feed a country of 130 crore people. At the other end, our people are victims of malnutrition; the common person cannot afford doctor’s fees; the condition of the government hospitals, schools and all other public sector enterprises is known to all. Parents are finding it extremely difficult to afford the fees charged by private schools. Farmers are not able to afford even two meals a day. Government has stopped publishing the data on peasant suicides. All over the country, workers are demanding a minimum wage of Rs. 18,000, yet the Wage Code declares the daily wage to be mere Rs. 178. Government is mocking the workers.

The relations of production are responsible for this state of affairs. On the one side you have 150 monopoly capitalist houses who lead the capitalist class and who own bulk of the means of production. They use ownership of the means of production to maximise the rates of their profits by increasing the rate of exploitation. On the other side is the class of exploited class of workers, peasants and other toilers. Having no means of production under their ownership, they have no choice but to sell their labouring power to earn a living. To continue their rule over the working class, the ruling class uses it money power in the elections to get their favourite party to win a majority and form the government. They use the police, armed forces and other organs of the state to implement a divide and rule policy. They try to split the exploited classes by accentuating all differences except the class differences.

In 1991, the rulers abandoned the fraudulent slogan of socialist pattern of society! They started to openly advocate the slogan of globalisation through privatisation and liberalisation. Because of this, our economy was integrated with the crisis ridden world capitalist economy. As the economy was made more and more dependent on exports, it became more and more affected by the ups and downs of the world market. Our economy is so steeped in crisis, that people do not have the purchasing power to consume the tremendous rate at which products being produced. The entire world market is facing a global slowdown.

One more source of crisis is because our rulers are eager to forge close military relations with the US imperialist. Many military agreements have been signed between India and the US imperialists. How dangerous such steps can be should be judged from how such agreements have ruined our neighbouring country. Such friendship is not only dangerous to our country but to the peace of whole sub-continent. US imperialist are using India to increase its area of influence and to consolidate its hegemony in this region, in addition to consolidating a unipolar world.

Today, the road on which our rulers are taking us is a road of treachery for the workers, peasants and all other oppressed. By moving on this road, our difficult situation can never be resolved. We have to replace this system and establish a new system. We have to make a decisive break with the imperialist capitalist system hiding behind the multiparty democracy. Workers and peasants will have to unite and struggle to establish the new system. A system that which will serve the constantly rising material, social and cultural needs of our people and not the insatiable greed of the capitalists. To work for such a system and a society that is free from exploitation is the real tribute to our martyrs.

Prasad, Mumbai


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