PM Modi’s visit to the US: Reaffirming the strategic alliance between the Indian ruling class and the US imperialists

PM Narendra Modi's visit to the US from September 22-27 was part of the continuing strengthening of the strategic alliance between the ruling classes of the two countries.

Accepting the invitation of the Indian Prime Minister, the US President participated in a much publicized rally of Indian Americans in Houston, Texas. The active participation in this event of leaders from both the Republican and Democratic parties, affirmed once again the importance attached by the US imperialist bourgeoisie to strengthening the Indo-US strategic alliance. For its part, the monopoly controlled Indian media, reflecting the views of the Indian big bourgeoisie, has expressed its great joy at the strengthening of the Indo-US relationship.

The US wants to strengthen its strategic alliance with India to achieve its aim of establishing its complete domination over Asia. It wants to contain China, weaken Russia and isolate Iran to achieve this goal. The Indian big bourgeoisie for its part has its own ambitions to becoming the dominant power of Asia, in which it sees China as its main rival. It sees in strengthening its strategic alliance with the US, the way to achieve its aim.

At the present time, a trade war is raging between the US and China. The Indian bourgeoisie sees this as an opportunity to expand its own market. The US has been organizing one provocation after another against Iran and trying to build a military coalition of West Asian states to attack Iran. The Indian bourgeoisie is worried at this prospect. The US wants Pakistan’s assistance in Afghanistan, in order to secure its interests in that country. The Indian bourgeoisie is opposed to any new arrangement in Afghanistan which will increase Pakistan’s role in that country. Pakistan is trying to get the US to pressurize India on Kashmir. Modi’s visit to the US took place in the above background.

The US imperialists have relentlessly pursued a policy of keeping India and Pakistan perpetually at loggerheads with each other, in order to justify their brutal interference in the region. The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir has been exploited by the US for this purpose. This was very visible in the public pronouncements of US President Trump. Behind the drama of allegedly wanting peace between the two neighbors, the US keeps arming both states, and plays the ruling class of these countries against each other, to advance its aims. The intelligence agencies of the US routinely organise terrorist attacks through various terrorist organizations they have set up and armed, to ensure that India and Pakistan do not resolve their outstanding problems peacefully.

There is documented evidence that the US is the fountainhead of terrorism worldwide. It is well known that the US has trained numerous terrorist groups to advance its strategic interests in different regions of the world. This has not prevented the US imperialists from repeating the lie over and over again accusing people and countries of the Muslim faith of being terrorists, to justify aggression and war against them. Both Trump and Modi declared their commitment to waging “war against terrorism”. While the US leadership accused Iran of being the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, the Indian leadership made the same accusation against Pakistan.

Both Modi and Trump lashed out against “illegal” immigrants in their respective countries. It is known that many Indians resident in US have been victims of anti-immigration regulations as well as state-sponsored hate crimes, However, their plight was of no concern to Modi.

The Indian bourgeoisie considers its relationship with the US as extremely important. The US is one of India’s main sources of foreign capital, technology and investments. It is the supplier of much of the cutting-edge technology for India’s defence forces. The Indian bourgeoisie used the visit of Modi to the US to offer India as an attractive market for the US imperialists. Modi highlighted India’s initiatives towards making India an attractive FDI destination. He promoted the steps his government is taking towards greater foreign investment and export-oriented growth, to achieve a $5 trillion economy. He made a strong pitch for greater investment by American companies in India, particularly in energy and defence, as well as in many other sectors.

Over the past few months, conflicts have emerged between India and US on various issues of bilateral trade. The US has suspended India from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) list and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products, while India has retaliated with its own levies on various American products. Even as negotiations between officials of both countries continue on these issues, it is clear that the ruling classes of the two countries do not want them to come in the way of the growing strategic alliance.

Trump welcomed Modi’s discussions with the CEOs of 17 major American energy corporates and India’s decision to purchase oil and natural gas from the US. He spoke of growing cooperation with India on defence and security, highlighting that India’s defence purchases from US currently amount to $18 billion and more deals are in the pipeline. He underscored the growing interoperability between the defence forces of India and the US in the Indo-Pacific region and referred to Tiger Triumph, the upcoming first-ever tri-services joint war exercise of India and the US.

Modi’s trip to the US once again reveals the dangerous imperialist course on which the Indian big bourgeoisie is taking the country – the course of rapid militarization and participation in unjust wars of conquest, in alliance with the US, under the banner of fighting “Islamic terrorism”. Through this our rulers aim to expand the markets and spheres of influence of Indian capitalists abroad and to make India a part of the elite club of big powers that dominate the world. The public display of Trump’s support for the Modi government shows that at this time, the US imperialists are relying on the BJP government headed by Modi, re-elected for a second term, as best suited to consolidate the role of India as their reliable ally in their worldwide anti-Islamic, anti-social and warmongering offensive to establish a unipolar world under their dictate. They are strengthening the strategic military alliance with the Indian ruling class, to advance their own hegemonic designs in the Indo-Pacific region.

The ruling class of our country is counting on US support to achieve its own imperialist aims. However, the US has never been a reliable ally of any other country in the world. The US imperialists make and break alliances to suit their own self-interest. They support this or that country as long as it serves their hegemonic aim. They have no hesitation is wrecking that very same country once it has exhausted its potential to be of use to them.

For India to become a reliable American ally means to become a partner in criminal imperialist wars. It is against the interests of the Indian people and against the interests of all other nations and peoples who are fighting against US domination. This dangerous imperialist course of our rulers must be resolutely opposed.


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