• Privatisation of petroleum companies and opposition of workers

    Over 32,000 workers of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) will be on a two day All India strike on 7 and 8 September to oppose its privatisation. They include over 12,000 regular workers, and 20,000 contract workers. The strike call has been given by the All India Coordination Committee of BPCL Workers, consisting of over ...

  • Privatisation of Petroleum Refineries is Anti-People and Anti-National

    In pursuit of the imperialist aims of Indian monopoly capitalists, the Central Government is throwing all caution to the winds.  While proclaiming self-reliance as a guiding principle, it is moving in the opposite direction of increasing reliance on the US and its allies.  It is acting against the well-being of the people. Workers of BPCL ...

  • Crude Oil and Natural gas are assets of society

    They cannot be made a source of private profit

    Crude oil and natural gas are valuable non-renewable natural resources.  However, instead of focusing on the optimum utilisation of our oil and gas reserves for the benefit of society, successive governments headed by the BJP and Congress Party have been busy privatising oil and gas exploration and ...

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