• Pharmaceutical Companies reap mega profits from Covid-19 Crisis

    While people are suffering the terrible consequences of Covid-19 and the lockdown, capitalist owners of pharmaceutical companies in India and on the world scale are reaping enormous profits. They are taking advantage of people’s desperation to market all kinds of medicines at exorbitant prices.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry and the Super-Exploitation of Workers

    India is often referred to as the ‘pharmacy of the world’, being the largest supplier of generic medicines, with a global market share of 20 percent. … One-fourth of all medicines consumed in Britain are supplied by Indian pharma companies. Two-fifth of all generic medicines used in the USA come from India. Over 80 percent ...

  • Profiting from diseases of all kinds is the motive driving the pharma industry

    People need vaccines to protect them from various diseases and medicines to cure them if they fall ill. However, providing this service to people is not the motive of the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry in our country and in all capitalist countries. Profiting from illness of people and taking advantage of their desire to get well ...

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