Central and state governments are responsible for the highest ever price of petrol and diesel

The prices of petrol and diesel have touched the highest ever levels of Rs 100 per litre and Rs 90 per litre respectively in many parts of the country. The costs of personal transport and goods have increased as a consequence and are putting an unbearable burden on working people. Instead of providing any relief, excuses are being given. The Prime Minister held the previous government responsible for high prices, and is indirectly blaming the international price of crude oil.

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Crude Oil and Natural gas are assets of society

They cannot be made a source of private profit

Crude oil and natural gas are valuable non-renewable natural resources.  However, instead of focusing on the optimum utilisation of our oil and gas reserves for the benefit of society, successive governments headed by the BJP and Congress Party have been busy privatising oil and gas exploration and mining over the past three decades.

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