BEML privatisation is anti-worker and anti-national

BEML is a PSU of strategic importance in the defence sector.  It  manufactures missile launchers, tank aggregates, armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) and armoured repair and recovery vehicles (ARRV), bridging systems, transportation trailers, etc. It is precisely for this reason that BEML had been placed under the Ministry of Defence. With its highly capable workers, BEML can play a much bigger role in indigenising defence manufacture, thus reducing the dependence on foreign countries.

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Condemn the central government’s attack on the rights of defence workers!

On 25th June it had been reported on the CGPI website that defence employees have resolved to unitedly oppose the decision of the central government to dismantle the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and convert it into 7 corporations. In an extended meeting of the federations on 27th June it was decided to serve a strike notice to the concerned authorities on 8th July, of an indefinite strike starting from 26th July.

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